Former Springfield Township Schools
La Porte County Indiana - Detailed History

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Phyllis Eckovich & Deanna West

Note the LaPorte County Historical Society has additional information on the old time schools of La Porte County, Indiana.

EARLY 1832 SCHOOL - -The first school was built in 1832 in Springville according to Chapman's History of La Porte County, 1880.
Miss Emily Leaming was the first teacher in this township. This school burned in 1835.
But previously Elder Rucker was the first male teacher in the Springville area.

1862 plat of Springfield Township shows schools in the following sections:
Section 6 -
Section 7 - (by 1874, Sections 7 through 12 had been absorbed by Centre Twp.)
Section 16 - Hack school, per later records.
Section 19 -
Section 36 -

1874 Plat of Springfield Township shows:
Section 1 Shippeeburg - May also have been Rossburg School. Rossburg in existence in 1863 with Mr. L. Austin in charge. 40 Students were crowded into a small and poorly arranged room:. And it was noted they were to build a large brick house soon. School house indicated on the South Portion of Ross Property.
Section   4  -School indicated on the South West portion of C. Davidson property
Section 13 - . In the 1874 atlas it appears on the A. N. Shippee property
Section 16 - Goes by Hack School name in 1887
Section 23 - Schoolhouse appears in the NW Corner of the E. Stanton property; later known as Stites School
Section 32 - School sits on property owned by: E. S. Organ. - Organ School
Section 36 - Schoolhouse shown - Later Culp deed is dated 1884 - possibly school went under another name prior.

1892 - Plat of Springfield Township - records seven schools at that time
Section 13 - School sits close to the Adam N. Shippee residence.
Section 16 - Schoolhouse indicated near the Peter Hack Residence. Noted as Hack School in 1887
Section 20 - School house sits on the D. Smith property.
Section 23 - Stites School - Records show school here as early as 1874 (Perhaps not in the same building.) Classes taught here until 1949-50 when school was vacated. In 1953 used for overflow of pupils from Springfield Township School. School sold to Roger Scofield 01 May 1962. It was used as a nursing home and later became a business college. Later years used briefly by the volunteer fire department. It burned in 2006.
Section 31 - Vail School - See notes below under this school.
Section 32 - Organ School - 1887 to fire destroying school on 02 February 1902
Section 36 - Culp School - notes below under Culp School.

1921 Plat of Springfield Township
Section 18 - Starr School
Section 23 - Stites School
Section 31 - Vail School
Section 32 - Organ School
Section 36 - on F. Schultz property. o

Springfield Schoolhouses Additional Notes

Central School - no section indicated - needs further research.

Culp's School - Section 36 - Culp School - Benjamin H. & Patty Culp deeded property to Springfield Township in 1884 for school purposes -
located 650 N between Wilhelm Road and Range Road.
   1898-1899 Robert Hanson was Trustee

Hack SchoolSection 16 - 1862 Plat of Springfield Township records in the P. Hack property SW Corner of Section 16 .
   located near 375 W and 925 N. It appears on the Peter Hack property in the 1892 atlas.

Organ School - Section 32 - Organ School - 1887    located on 400W about 1 1/4 mile North of US 20 (burned 2 February 1902.)

Rossburg School. - 1874 - sat in the SW portion of Section 1 - located near Rossburg Cemetery.
In existence in 1863 with Mr. L. Austin in charge. There were about 40 students in a very small and poorly arranged room. But a new large brick house was to be built soon!

Section 20 - no school found in 1874 atlas. School house indicated on the 1892 atlas on the D. Smith property.

Springville Township School - need date for start up.

Starr School - Section 18 - 1892 plat of Springfield Township records seven (7) schools at the time. Still shows on plat maps in 1921 but and interesting note shows in notes for 1929 "organized two years ago." One-room This could either be a rebuild or possibly organized to be recognized by the county.

Stites School - Section 23 -middle of section on the corner of the E. Stanton property abutting the N. V. Stites property. Today it still stands Stites School is the one at the corner of 900 N. and HWY 39. In the 1970's it was used as the La Porte Business College and now a private residence.
Still shows on plat maps in 1921

Vail School - Section 31 - Vail School - Olive Vail deeded 1/2 acre to Springfield Twp in 1888. However, there is a descriptive write-up of the Vail School built in 1846 at a cost of $175 (on file at the LaPorte County Historical Society Museum) -
Section 6 shows (1874 Atlas) indicates a School House, almost abutting what today would be highway 20. In 1874 it was just off the C. Vail property in section 31 adjoining section 6. (See file at the LaPorte Historical Society Museum.) Classes still taught in 1892
 located on 525 W about 1 mile north of US 20. The building still has 1888 on the front of the building, which is now a home.
   1897-1898 - Robert Hanson was Trustee and Chas Zigler was Supt.

The County school graduates went to La Porte for their graduation which was held at the Halls Opera House. In many of the schools there was but a few students graduating.

In 1900 Elsie M. Frey was 21 years old and was also a school teacher in the area.

Also see various grade school graduates for some of these schools in our school day listings.

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