Former Coolspring Township Schools
La Porte County Indiana - Detailed History
One Room School house (Unless noted otherwise)

Compiled by: Deanna Branson West

Maria Sharp was said to be one of the early Coolspring area teachers.

1874 Coolspring plat atlas shows the following schools:
Section 9 - - School house sits on the Walter O. Leads property
Section 11 - - Cross property near Waterford
Section 20 - M. Glassman property
Section 23 - - Eli Smith property

Waterford School circa 1838 thought to be the first school in Coolspring Township. William C. Talcott - teacher In the year 1888 - Mrs. H. J. Johnson teacher
In the list of LaPorte County Schools, 1927-1928 Waterford appears on the listing as a Two-Room School House.
Ebenezer Palmer is thought to be the first school teacher in the area circa 1835 or 36. He died in 1842 and is buried in Low Cemetery, Coolspring Township.
In 1837 or 38 Wm Talcott taught school in the Waterford area.
It is noted in the the Jasper Packard book on The History of LaPorte County -
1876, there were 5 active school houses at that time within this township.
1894 - 1895 school term - Teacher - M. L. Cooper
1895 - 1896 school term teacher - High School - Anna Loring
1929 - 1930 school term - Teachers - Advanced - Sophie A. Hult; Primary - Nettie T. Klassen

Beatty's Corners or Beattie's Corners as spelled in some references.
School probably named after John Beatty an early settler in area.
1888 teacher - Charles Stoltz -
1927-28 grades 1 through 8 taught
1929- 1930 school term - Teacher - Alma Flanigan

Curran school - Miss Nina Beadle had taught there at one time.
In 1888 the teacher was Jennie Posten.

Eddyville School- Located in Section 4 - Subdivision platted in May, 1905 by Arthur Eddy and his wife Abbie, then in Coolspring Township,
it was in the vicinity of S Franklin Street and where Barker Jr. High School was at. It was later annexed into Michigan City.
1927 - 28. 1927-28; grades 1 through 5 taught
1929 - 1930 school term - Nora Jane McKinney - teacher
Eddyville - Eddyville School Circa 1912.

Highland School - in existance in 1927 - 28.
1927-28; grades 1 through 6 taught
1929 - 1930 school term - Teacher - Elsie Magnuson

Towne School house
this school as reported in a Valaraiso newspaper: In 1933 scarlet fever was having its affect on many of the students in the LaPorte County schools.
One of the schools affected was the Towne school in Coolspring township where there were four cases of fever reported.
-1888 teacher was H. J. Johnson -
1927-28 grades 1 through 8 taught
1929 - 1930 school term - Teacher - Roselia Doyle

Winship School - Gleason Station, Coolspring Twp. La Porte Co., IN. Location = south side of 300N approx. 1/3Mile west of U.S. 421.
In 1888 teacher was Ida McEnterfer.
1894 - 1895 school term - Teacher - N. T. Jenks
1927-28 grades 1 through 8 taught.
1929 - 1930 school term - Teacher - Verta Ford

Sweed School - In 1888 teacher was Charles Goodall - no longer appears on the listing in the 1927-28 LaPorte County Schools.

Coolspring School 1938 Several classrooms - Started the beginning of the end of the one room school house in the area. It became a township school and by the 1950's
was the main school for all students in the Coolspring township area. It housed K-8th grades.

Also see various grade school graduates for some of these schools in our school day listings.

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