Kankakee School 1927

Genevieve Cites - teacher

Students and grades at time of picture
front row left to right.
Nelson Kindig, 1st; Norman Simcox 3rd;

Second row
Wilfred Sacks 3rd, Mary Jane Zellars 2nd; Daisy M. Singleton, 2nd; Mae Rehlander, 4th; Helen Rehlander 4th; Gladys Sacks 1st;,
Margaret Zellars, 2nd; Thelma Kindig, 3rd;

Top Row
Byrd Hapner, 7th; Wallace Gault, 3rd, Delbert Sacks, 5th, Harry Evenburgh 4th Willard Simcox 6th; Lester Kindig, 5th; Loretta Singleton, 4th;
Marjorie Rehlander, 5th; Herbert Singleton, 6th.