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Foster Cemetery
Galena township
300E 900N Section 22
LaPorte County, Indiana


Brief History of Foster by: Donna Nelson

Foster cemetery is located in Galena Township , on County Road 900 N. It was first used as a burial ground in 1836 or 1837 on land owned by Scipha and Isabelle Foster and was known as the Foster Burial Ground. The first parcel, approximately one-half acre, was legally deeded to the trustees of the burial ground on the sixth day of March, 1846, for $1.00. On 14 May, 1875, the cemetery was expanded, with a second half-acre purchased from the Fosters at a cost of $70.00. A third purchase in the amount of $50.00 on March 2nd 1889 increased the size of the cemetery to one and one-half acres.

We are fortunate that the early officers of the Association were exceptional record keepers. Records of the Association meetings, as well as Treasurers books documenting financial transactions exist, providing a great deal of useful information.

Foster is the final resting place of many of our Nation’s veterans. Among these are two young men who died in the Civil War when they were only 16 years of age. Father and son Emery and William Otwell both served in the Civil War; Emery was in his early 40’s, William in his late teens. Just a few years after the war, in February, 1872, illness claimed the lives of both Emery and William, their deaths occurring within six days of one another.

As with most of the early cemeteries, we also find many infants and children buried here. One family lost an 8 year old daughter on April 1, 1863 and then, just 5 days later, they suffered the loss of a 6 year old daughter and 9 year old son. Also buried here is a man who died in a sawmill accident, and a 76-year old man who died after being attacked by a bull.

Foster has been very fortunate in that it has not sustained significant damage by vandals, but nature is taking its toll on some of the older stones. Most of the names and dates can still be read, but many of the epitaphs have become illegible. It’s essential that we record the information from this and other old burial grounds before it becomes lost to us forever.

As you use this list, note that the fifth column (location of grave) represents: block-row-marker. As you use this table, please keep in mind that unmarked graves will not be represented. Evidence of unmarked graves are listed separately. Italicized information (such as maiden names) does not appear on the marker, it has been obtained from other sources and has been added by the compiler. Multiple listings, with different locations, appear for some individuals. This indicates the individual was shown on the family marker, as well as having an individual marker. One will also notice a duplicate name\location if an individual grave was marked with a “Mother” or “Father” stone, with name and dates shown on the family marker.

If you have reason to believe that the subject(s) of your research may be interred at Foster Cemetery, please feel free to contact me, ( for a look-up. As with all look-up requests, you are encouraged to provide full names and dates, when available. Evidence of Foster Cemetery burials not listed on this site (family history, obituaries, etc.) will be most welcome, as will corrections to listed individuals. Thank you for visiting this website, it is hoped you will find valuable clues contained herein.

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Evidence of Unmarked Graves

Cemetery Photos By: Teresa O'Riley

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