Hudson Cemetery

Hudson Township

La Porte County, Indiana
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8450 E 700N
41 degrees 26.46 Min North & 85 degrees 14.6 Min West
Family Plot new fencing sign 2 Avery enclosure 2nd shot

Fall of 2010 - Our friends at the La Porte County Pioneer Cemetery Commission replaced the Hudson Cemetery sign,
complete with additional plaque showing a brief history about the cemetery.
In June - 2008 - Fencing and beautiful gate for this Family plot were redone by: Richard Fritz owner of Rustic Fencing,
commissioned by Patricia Gruse Harris of the
LaPorte County Pioneer Cemetery Commision. Location of fencing is around the Cassady graves. For larger view, click on picture.
Thanks to Patricia for the above photos.

On September 17, 2001 Sol Gorrell and Deanna West read and photographed this cemetery.
First listing on this page is listed in row order commencing with the grave of Purl, Louisa. To view a photo of stone click on that name.
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We would like to express our thanks to Pat Harris who can be reached at
You may wish to contact Pat and me if you have further information or questions about this listing.




** = not found in this reading of cemetery

Row One - - -
Purl Louisa 17 OCT 1870 Ag'd 56 Y's
Love William W 22 Oct 1863 aged 17 years 9 mos, 11 d's (see photo)
Bordon James H Oct 5 1857 Aged 1 mo, 5 days; Son of J&N Bordon
JHB     Stone displaced (May be footstone of above)
Bordon John H Oct 11, 1853 Aged 2 mos, 9 days; Son of J&N Bordon
Bordon Jacob 10 Sep 1856 (See older listing)
Can not determine age during this reading.
Kolb Nancy C 19 Mar 1862 Aged 5 mos, 6 days; Dau of M & N Kolb
Row Two - - -
Thompson Mahala 03 Jul 1853 Aged 17 yrs, 10 mos, 17 days;
Dau of Wm & E Thompson
Huntington James H 07 Apr 1856 Aged 4 yrs, 8 mos, 28 days;
Son of E&E Huntington
Huntington Mary E 11 Oct 1850 11 NOV 1850 Aged 3 yrs, 9 mos, 15 days;
Dau of E&E Huntington
Kemp Amanda Ann May 12, 1853 AE. 3 Y's 1 mo 23 ds
Daughter of J. H. & Mary M. Kemp
Huntington Penina 12 Nov 1856 Aged 53 yrs, 3 mos, 9 days;
Wife of Hallam Huntington
Row Three - - -
Burdick Mary C 28 Sept 1874 Aged 33 or 38 yrs, 8 mos 6 da's;
Wife of J. A. Burdick
Burdick Marsha A 04 May 1872 Dau of J. A. & M. E. Burdick
family plot photo - - *Following 4 graves were in a family plot surrounded
by fence. Very difficult to read due to over growth.
Area should be re-examined when follage dies in fall.
Row Four      
Avery Kizi 28 Feb 1853 Aged 43 yrs, 8 mo, 11 d's; Wife of Andrew Avery
**Avery Ama Ann 15 Aug 1855 Aged 27 yrs, 11 mos, 22 days; Wife of Andrew Avery
See listing below
Row Five - -  
Redding Norris A 9 Apr 1872 Aged 4 Y's, 2 M's, 29 d's
Son of W. A. & R. Redding
Dickey Ophelia 18 Jul 1870 Aged 3 yrs, 4 mos, 4 days
Dau of W. A. & L. A. Dickey;
"Our Darling Baby"
Row Six - - -
Wilcox Jessie L. 21 Oct 1872 Son of J. D. & M. Wilcox
Sprague Seymour - 12th Illinois Cav (GAR Marker)
Add. info: CIVIL WAR Enlisted - 12th Calvarlry Regiment Illinois,
( Co C. 128th Inf. Reg. Ind. on 15 Dec 1863)
Sprague Elezer 15 Aug 1865 Aged 65 yrs, 10 days
Adams Phebe 19 Feb 1873 Aged 70 yrs, 6 mos, 15 days
Wife of L. M. Adams
Formerly Wife of J. C. Hale
Formerly Wife of Thomas Galyearn m. 14 Nov 1867
Dau of John G & Phebe Sprague
Hale J. C. 10 Apr 1865 Aged 64 yrs, 10 mos, 11 days: GAR Marker
Add. info: CIVIL WAR - Enlisted 10 July 1863
Co. H 109th Inf. Reg. Ind.
Sprague John 15 Jun 1852 Aged 74 yrs, 10 mos; GAR Marker on grave in error
should show War of 1812
Hale Jesse E 14 May 1852 Aged 15 yrs, 11 mos, 14 days;
Adopted son of J. C. & P. Hale
Hale Mary C 10 Apr 1853 Aged 10 yr, 4 m's;
Adopted Dau of JC&P Hale
Row Seven - - -
Unruh John Sen (Sr.) 22 Mar 1869 see old listing on linked page
Unruh Naoma 18 May 1858 Aged 62 yrs, 9 mos, 9 days;
Wife of John Unruh, Sen. (Sr.)
Benson Naoma 21 Jun 1865 Aged 2 mos, 12 days; Dau of R&H Benson
**Benson Rowland J - (48 yrs 4 m. 2 d.?) stone broken - see listing below
and older listing on linked page
Bernard ---EDS 20 Aug 1871 Broken and unreadable stone(aged 7 ds)
Smith Webster T 10 Jun 1856 Aged 3 yrs, 4 mos, 8 days;
Son of Wm. & L. Smith
Row Eight - - -
Lucas Samuel 03 Feb 1846 Aged 26 yrs, 1 day - In Memory of Samuel Lucas
who departed this life Feb 3, 1846
Brown infant 25 Apr 1842 Infant Daughter of Henry & Elizabeth Brown
Warren David 06 Nov 1837 Aged 59 yrs, 2 mos, 20 days
photo of stoneWest side of two sided stone
Warren Elizabeth 24 May 1864 Aged 85 yrs, 1 mo, 1 day; Wife of David Warren -
East side of two sided stone
Row Nine - - -
Thompson Alonzo 05 Feb 1862 Aged 22 yrs, 9 mos, 4 days; GAR Marker
Add. Info:
CIVIL WAR - Enlist date 5 Sep 1861 Cp F, 9th Inf Reg Ind.
Thompson Betsey 30 Sep 1865 Aged 44 yrs, 11 mos, 16 days
Wife of Wm Thompson
Hodges Emily M XX July 1841 Wife of WC Hodges;
see old listing linked to this page
? Lyd ia A. - -
Thompson Gitty C. 10 DEC 1866 Aged 23 yrs, 11 mos, 12 days
France Adam L 02 MAR 1866 Aged 2 yr's 6 mo's 6 da's
Son of AB & C? France
Lenhart David - Died in his 50th Year
Lenhart Sarah 10 Mar 1877 Aged 71 yrs, 10 M's; (On same stone as above)
*Hodges Elmore L. 05 MAY 1871 03 MAY 1871 Aged 1 yr 2 mos. 5 ds.
Son of W. & E. Hodges
Nicholds Polly 18 DEC 1859 18 DEC 1859 Aged 78 yrs
Wife of R Nicholds
This might be Nichols family?
Clark Ester 22 Jan 1859 22 JAN 1859 Aged 68 yrs, 9 mos, 16 days;
Wife of Benjamin Clark
Clark Benjamin 11 MAR 1858 Aged 69 yrs, 9 mos, 8 days
extra photo
      +Family Plot surrounded by fence in the next 4 graves.
Area needs to be re-examined this fall.
+Thompson Marcella 31 OCT 1865 Aged 6 yrs, 2 mos, 22 days;
Dau of M & S A Thompson
New Fencing as of July 2006
+Casaday Susan M 01 MAR 1852 01 MAR 1852 Aged 1 yr, 11 mos 5 da's
Dau of A&S Casaday -
East side of 4 sided stone
on same stone with Susan and Alexander
could not photograph this side of stone.
+Casaday Alexander 14 DEC 1876 Aged 63 yrs, 2 mos, 6 days
North side of 4 sided stone
+Casaday Susan 22 AUG 1889 Aged 75 yrs, 8 days; Wife of A Casaday
West side of 4 sided stone
Cassady on base in same plot - Pat Harris notes when she was there and
over growth was down, that there is a footstone
to E & W with no inscriptions
Next 2 entries are from photos & info of Pat Harris' files - - Just outside of fenced in area above.
They were covered in brush when Sol
and I did this reading. Did not see.
Andrews Adaline Oct 12, 1857 Ag'd 35 Y's
Dau. of H. & J. Andrews
Andress Jennett Aug 20, 1838 Aged 32 Yrs. 11 mos.
Wife of Hiram Andress

Donated listing from Pat Harris of stones not present at either of these readings, but were apparently in this cemetery at previous readings:

1. Avery, Ama Ana - dau of Andrew & Ama A., 1 Aug 1855 10 days
2. Benson, Rowland J. son of R. & N. 7 M 13 D
3. Bordon, Nancy C. dau. of J. & N. 5 Mar. 1860 - 5 M 6 D
4. Huntington, James son of E. & E. 3 Oct 1857 infant
5. Ingram, Adaline 12 Oct 1837 - 35 Y - 5 & 7 on this list may be the same or actually Andrews, Adaline shown above?
6. Inness, Jennett wife of Hiram 20 Aug 1838 32 Y 11 M - probably the same as Andress, Jennett shown above
7. Jackson, Adaline dau of B & J - 12 Oct 1851 - 25 Y old - also might be the same as #5 above (?)
8. Kemp, son of _______ 12 May 1853 - 3 Y 1 M 3 D - possibly Kemp, Amanda Ann on above listing
9. Unruh, Naomi dau of John & Naomi - 27 June 1833 - 7 M 12 D

Donated Family information from the files of Lisa Bruneau

Burdick - disputed Law-suit -
Mary and Martha (Marsha) are on the Hudson list, but Frances is not.

I wrote down the name "Martha", but the photo of the stone shows Marsha so I'll have to re-check the court records next time we're at the courthouse.
The 1870 census shows Marshall, age 6/12, male. That puts Marshall born Nov or Dec 1869. If we use the birth date calculator with the age and dod for
Martha/Marsha, the birth date is Nov 22, 1869. I'd like to think Marsha and Marshall could be twins, but if that's the
case both should have shown on the 1870 census.
  Sure a lot of name and gender mix ups for one tiny little child!! Next issue: The 1870 census shows a dau. Margrett, age 3
She's the only child listed who matches the dates for Frances. Maybe Frances M. is Frances Margrett? (FYI: census spells last name Burdock)
Willard Ball sued John A. Burdick for an unpaid account for a burial case for Mrs. Burdick.
It was ordered Sep 28 1874. George C. Ross sued John A. Burdick for gravestones ordered from La Porte Marble Works.
1) Set of gravestones, 2 ft. high with proportional width, marble with base and inscribed: Frances M., dau of J.A. & M.E. Burdick,
died June 13, 1872 aged 4 yrs, 9 mo, & 9 days To be delivered at the Hudson yard.
2) Design: oval top. From La Porte Marble Works, ordered Oct 1, 1874. Set of gravestones 3 1/2 ft. high w/proportional width. Marble with base,
inscribed as follows: Mary E., wife of J.A. Burdick, died Sep 28, 1874 aged ------- (not filled in). To be delivered at the Hudson yard.
3) Set of gravestones, 2 ft. high with proportional width, marble with base and inscribed: Martha A., dau. of J.A. & M.E. Burdick,
died May 4, 1872, aged 2 yrs. 5 mo, & 12 days.
Finalization of the cases were recorded April 17, 1880. - contributed By: Donna Nelson

Eleazer SPRAGUE b. 10/5/1799 PA d. 8/15/1865 presumably in LaPorte Co., IN. The courthouse and the library have been unable to find death records,
will and probate records, nor an obituary for him. He is listed in the 1830 Census in Scipio, Seneca Co., OH, and in the 1840, 1850, and 1860
Censuses at Hudson, LaPorte Co., IN. His wife, Mary b. 1796 VT d. aft. 6/20/1859 appears in the 1850 Census, but not in 1860.

Their children are listed below.

Electa SPRAGUE b. 1820 is a daughter of Eleazer b. 1798 PA and Mary SPRAGUE b. 1796 VT d. bet 1850-1860 La Porte Co., IN.
Some other children are Esther SPRAGUE m. Alonzo MORSE 1/291844 La Porte Co., IN,
Sarah H. SPRAGUE b. 9/28/1819 OH d. 8/9/1890 Charleston, SC
m. 12/31/1838 La Porte Co., IN to Caleb Nichols AVERILL b. 10/16/1815 NY d. Summerville, SC children: John Henry b. 10/25/1843 and
Louisa W. b. 1844, Lucy SPRAGUE b. 1821 OH d. aft 1860 m. 1) 12/10/1840 La Porte Co., IN to John HOOTEN or HOOTOON b. ? d. bef 1850
children: Esther M. HOOTEN b. 1842, Nancy Ann HOOTEN b. 1845. Lucy m. 2nd ? ENSIGN and Josephine N. SPRAGUE b. 1829 OH.
Eleazer and his family are at Hudson Twp., La Porte Co., IN in the 1840, 1850 and 1860 Census.

Aassumption is that John SPRAGUE b. 8/15/1777 VT d. 6/15/1852 LaPorte Co., IN is most likely the father of Eleazer.
Death, will, probate and obituary records for him could not be found in LaPorte either. His wife Phebe, must have died prior to 1850
since she does not appear in the 1850 Census. I do not know where John was prior to 1850.
Phebe (Sprague) ADAMS (daughter of John and Phebe) b. 8/4/1802 NY d. 2/19/1873 LaPorte Co., IN m. abt 1833
(1) John C. HALE b. 4/30/1800 NY d. 4/10/1865 LaPorte Co., IN.
They are listed in the 1850 Census at Hudson, LaPorte Co., IN, living with them are son, Emerson (presumably adopted son,
Jesse Emerson) b. 5/1/1836 NH d. 4/15/1852 LaPorte Co., IN, daughter Mary,
(presumably adopted daughter Mary C.) b. 12/10/1842 IN d. 4/10/1853 LaPorte Co., IN, and Phebe's father John, discussed above.
Phebe SPRAGUE HALE then married Lemuel M. ADAMS who died sometime after 4/1871.
They had no heirs. Phebe had a will where she left everything to her friends.

Other ancestors in this group, but not necessarily buried at Hudson Lake are:
John Perry FEAR b. 2/20/1815 PA d. 8/5/1866 Delaware Co., IA m. 2/3/1839 La Porte Co., IN to
Electa SPRAGUE b. 11/21/1820 OH d. 7/2/1905 Delaware Co., IA. Their children are ? (son) b. bef 1840 La Porte Co., IN
d. Bef 1850 La Porte Co., IN, ? (sex unknown) b. aft. 1840 d. bet 1840-1866, Freeman b. 4/1/1841 La Porte Co., IN d. 7/16/1863
Memphis, TN (Civil War), Mary Martha (my great grandmother) b. 4/7/1844 La Porte Co., IN d. bet 1910-1920 probably IA
m. Henry Clay PIERCE, Lucy b. 3/1846 La Porte Co., IN d. 1/29/1891 IA m. Nathan J. SNOW,
Winfield Scott FEAR b. 9/1847 La Porte Co., IN d. aft. 1905 m. Eudora BROWN,
Eliza Jane b. 12/23/1849 La Porte Co., IN d. 2/3/1875 Delaware Co., IA,
Eleazar b. 1851 La Porte Co., IN d. 8/23/1877 Delaware Co., IA,
Henry Clay b. 1854 OH or IA d. 2/12/1900 Delaware Co., IA m. Clara THOMPSON, and
Lyon b. 6/16/1861 Delaware Co., IA d. 1/11/1864 Delaware Co., IA.
This FEAR family is in Wills Twp. in the 1840 and 1850 Census. They left for Delaware Co., IA with the families of John BALL and John HEFNER in 1852

Posted on August 28th, 2007 -

Marsh, Lemuel - Marsh, Joseph, “Obituary of Lemuel Marsh”, Advent Harbinger and Bible Advocate Vol. 2:341 July 6, 1850.
Used with permission of Atlanta Bible College Archives. Information furnished by Jan Stilson, Church of God Historian.
    Lemuel Marsh Father of the editor, died at Hudson, LaPorte Co., Indiana 3 June 1850, in the 80th year of his age.
He spent the early part of his active life in St. Alban’s, Franklin Co., Vermont, his native State, where he professed faith in Christ, and united with the Methodist Episcopal Church.
   In A.D. 1817 he moved to LeRoy, Genesee, New York, where, on account of denying the trinity and believing in the Unity of God,
and that Christ is the Son of God, he was turned out of the M.E. Church. My mother, and one or two brothers were turned out of the same church
about that time, for the same cause. In LeRoy he buried his first wife, my pious mother, and soon after marrying his second wife, moved to Randolph, Cattaraugus Co., N.Y.
where he buried three sons, my dear brothers, who died happily in the Lord.
    After spending several years of deprivation and incessant toil in the wilds(?) of Randolph, he moved to Hudson, Indiana,
to fill up the measure of his days in that new and fertile country. There he paid the debt of nature; there he now (?), sleeps in death –
(?) we trust, to awake to (?), and have a glorious part in the first resurrection. Blessed be the Lord! (Last line illegible.)
   Note: The Church of God Historian, Jan Stilson, also furnished the information that Joseph said his step-mother was also buried in Hudson,
and Joseph visited the graves in 1851, according to a record of Joseph’s travels printed in the same paper.
Joseph also said that he visited his brother, William, in Hudson, and his sister, Mrs. F.G. White, in the same area.
It is likely that William’s first wife, Roxanna Barmore, is buried in the same cemetery in Hudson, as well as some of William’s children. -
    Submitted to the LaPorte County Genweb by Patra Anne Hepworth - see for the complete story of the Marshes.

Hudson Cemetery Sign Photo

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