SE corner Detroit & Spring Streets
Sec. 29, Twp. 38N, Range 4W
Michigan City, Michigan Twp.,
La Porte Co., IN

LaPorte County Genealogical Society
Annual Cemetery Tour held on June 10th, 2008 at Greenwood Cemetery
Subject: Tour of Graves moved from "Old Burial Ground"
to Greenwood Cemetery

Tour Hostess: Patricia Gruse Harris

OLD BURIAL GROUND - When Isaac C. Elston laid out the City of Michigan City in 1835 he set aside one acre of ground on the SE corner of Sec. 29
for a Public Burial Ground. Originally the City gave lots for free for burial. But by 20 May 1882 the Michigan City Dispatch was stating
“The Terrible Condition of the Old City Cemetery - a disgrace that should at once be remedied.”

On 11 Dec. 1882 the Common Council of the City of Michigan City passed a resolution stating that the Old City Cemetery be vacated and that
on 1 April 1883 the council will proceed to exhume the remains in said cemetery. (Bk. “C”, pp.261-62)

This was a difficult task because many did not have tombstones and the cemetery had been neglected for a long time. The result of this neglect was
fences broken down and carried away, most of the tombstones broken or covered with sand, in some cases 16’-20’ high, and cattle and animals of all
kinds were permitted to roam through the sacred place at will. Although many burials had been removed to Greenwood Cemetery by their families prior
to this time, the concentrated effort to move the burials of the early Michigan City citizens was between 1882-84. James Triggs, a member of the local board
of health, was in charge of the exhuming and transferring of the remains to Greenwood. Unfortunately, because of the large amount of sand, some burials
were not found at the time and more were found at later dates: in 1903 when a sewer connection was made at Spring St. near Detroit St. and 1909-1911
during construction of the new high school. Then, as late as 2003, during expansion at Elston Middle School, still more remains were found.

All of the early burials from the Old Burial Ground were reinterred in Greenwood Cemetery, many in Section “E” and #8 Sec. “E”, Row 2/4 – Rosalie R. Chase
was the daughter of The Rev. N. G. and Lucinda Chase.   Rev. Chase was an early minister of the Congregational Church. She died 8 Aug. 1837.

It is believed there were some 500 persons buried in the Old Burial Ground, but only 188 have been identified, 156 through actual gravestone inscriptions and 32 from news articles of the time.

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Tour Participants
Cemetery Tour Group

Ashton Stone
Gallatin Ashton was Police Constable of Michigan City in 1837

Miller Stone
Samuel Miller second mayor of Michigan City.

For more information on the above topic, Ms Harris has researched the Old Burial Ground and offers the following:
Old Buryal Ground of Michigan City, IN – Lists all known burials removed from this original cemetery (1835-64) to Greenwood Cemetery.
Includes photos of tombstones, news articles of removal and 2003 IPFW archaeological survey report of Old Graveyard. by Patricia Gruse Harris
To order a copy go to our publication page at:


The inscriptions included in this work indicate persons originally buried in #MI-2 Old Buryal Ground located at the SE corner of Detroit and Spring Streets,
Elston’s Original Survey of Michigan City, IN, Section 29, Township 38N, Range 4W, Michigan City, Michigan Twp., La Porte Co., IN.
The land for this cemetery was set aside by the founder of Michigan City, Isaac C. Elston on the original plat of the town recorded 11 May 1835 in the
La Porte County Recorder’s office. Over time burials were also made in Lots, 1, 2, 3, & 4 in Block unnumbered, Land Company’s Addition to Michigan City
north and immediately adjacent to the one acre tract set aside by Elston. Burials continued here until the common council decreed on 26 Nov. 1864 “that from and
after this date it shall be unlawful for any person, or persons, churches or associations to bury any more dead in any of the cemeteries within the corporate limits of
Michigan City heretofore used for that purpose, but all interments of the dead shall be in Greenwood Cemetery laid out by said City.” (Common Council Bk. “A”, p. 92.)

Bodies were removed over a period of time beginning 1882 thru 1884 to #33 Greenwood Cemetery, 153 Tilden Avenue located in Sanborn’s 3rd Addn. to Michigan City, IN,
in the E of E of the S of the NW (20A), Section 33, Township 38N, R4W, Michigan City, Michigan Twp., La Porte Co., IN. It was a difficult task since the cemetery
had been neglected for many years and was covered with drifting sand. In some cases gravestones and the remains of early residents of the city and surrounding area were found
below 16’ of sand. While it was thought that all the human remains had been removed from the Old Buryal Ground and reinterred in Greenwood Cemetery in the 1880s’,
later construction projects on the site in 1903, 1909, 1910, 1911, the 1960’s and lastly in 2003 revealed more human remains and/or tombstones.
All human remains that were found at various times were reburied in Greenwood Cemetery mostly in Section “E” in the area where numerous reburials took place in the 1880’s.
Since laws have changed over the years relative to finding human remains on or near former cemetery sites, an archaeologist was brought on site to search the site in 2003.
As a result of an archaeological investigation of the site more remains were found and reburied in Section “E” of Greenwood Cemetery.
(See Archaeological Investigations at the Michigan City Old Graveyard [12 Le 348] La Porte County, Indiana by Michael Strezewski, Sept. 2003, IUPU Fort Wayne, IN.)
It is felt that after 120 years all of the early burials have been found and reburied, although in many cases not identified.

In 2004 I walked the sections of Greenwood Cemetery row by row recording inscriptions on stones with death dates prior to 27 Nov.1864 and photographing each one.
With the help of my husband, William H. Harris, every attempt was made to correctly read the inscriptions. Many stones were too weather-worn to be read by any method
and therefore, there may be more stones standing in Greenwood that were originally in the Old Buryal Ground. Many of the old burials never had a stone, or they were not found,
so many of the names of those reburied in Greenwood Cemetery are lost forever. There is no existing record of the more than 500 bodies that were transferred from the
Old Buryal Ground and therefore the transcriptions read provide a record of many graves (approximately 1/3) that would have otherwise remained unknown.
Every attempt for accuracy was made and for any omissions or errors I apologize.

Since there is no record by section, lot and grave as to where the reburials are and also since many stones were placed closer than normal,
the readings were done by cemetery section and then by row. In each section the rows are numbered from west to east.

In Section “E” some of the rows are numbered Row #1/3, etc. The first number refers to the first row of the area of multiple reburials of the 1880’s.
The second number indicates the number of the row beginning from the west side of the section. In this area some of the inscriptions on the lower portion of the stone are
not visible on the photographs taken in 2004. However, this area was read by Ron Hyer in 1992 and the additional information he found at that time is included here.
–Patricia Gruse Harris, March 2005-

Persons originally buried in Old Buryal Ground
and removed to Greenwood Cemetery

Research was done to try to learn something about the individuals and/or their families originally buried in the Old Buryal Ground in Michigan City, IN 1832-1864
and later reinterred in Greenwood Cemetery in Michigan City, IN. La Porte County, IN histories, local censuses and obituaries were researched in an effort to
know more than just a name for those people buried here over 150 years ago. For some, unfortunately, nothing was found, but varying degrees of information were
found for many such as obituaries for their parents, spouses, etc.. Following is a list of those for whom information was found giving their number (#1) and name
followed by information and its source.
Source is identified as (P) = Packard, Jasper, History of LaPorte County, Indiana and its Townships, towns and Cities, 1876;
(C) History of LaPorte County, Indiana, C.C. Chapman & Co., 1880;
(D) = Daniels, Rev. E. D., A Twentieth Century History and Biographical Record of La Porte County, Indiana, 1904;
(N) Nicewarner, Gladys Bull, Michigan City, Indiana, The Life of a Town, 1980; (1850 or 1860) = 1850 or 1860 census of Michigan City, IN;
(O) = obituary has been found and a copy of same can be found at the end of the list.

#2 & #3 – Ellen N. and John N. AKENS – children of early settlers John & June AKENS. John died pre 1878 and June died May 1878 and other children were Samuel, a Civil War veteran (P375), Mrs. Margaret (C.F.) Jerrett and Mrs. Mary Jane Bostick (O - “Burial Of Former Resident” Michigan City News, 29 Mar. 1899, 4/6; “Death of Samuel Akens,” Michigan City News, 12 Apr. 1899, 4/1).

#5 – Stanton LAMPHIER - Stanton Lamphier, age 55 b. NY, Rhoda age 48, b. NY, D.W.C. age 17, b. NY, laborer, Daniel age 15, b. NY, Louisa J. age 12, b. MI; Edson age 9, b. IN, Jared age 6, b. IN (1850).

#8 – “Eddie” Henry Edward GOODHUE, his father was Charles Goodhue age 27 b. OH living in home of Wm. H. Goodhue (1850); Charles was born 16 Oct. 1823 in Trumbull Co., OH son of Nathaniel & Sally Goodhue. He came to Michigan City in 1837 and was in the grocery and provision business during the Civil War and later engaged in bookkeeping and office work. Charles married 13 Jan. 1859 Harriet Newell Partridge the daughter of Samuel and Sophia Chase Partridge. “Eddie” had a brother, Lincoln. (D 578-79) (O – “Died in Chicago, Buried Here,” Michigan City News, 1 Dec. 1921; “Chas. S. Goodhue Answers Call,” Michigan City Evening News, 22 Mar. 1911, 5/1).

#9 – Nathaniel GOODHUE - born in Windham, VT the son of Josiah Goodhue and Elizabeth Fletcher (a relative of Daniel Webster). He was a lawyer and early settler of Warren, OH and then came to Michigan City in 1837. (D 453, 578-79) (O – “W. H. Goodhue Passes Away,” Michigan City Evening News, 23 Jan. 1908, 1/7).

#11 – James MACADOO - wife Nancy C., dau. Mary Jane. (see #12).

#12 – Mary Jane MACADOO - daughter of James, was born 6 March 1838, d. 18 Aug. 1842, mother Nancy C. born Putney, VT Feb. 1816, settled La Porte Co., IN 1837 (C 494); Nancy age 36 b. VT living with Wm. H. & Desire Goodhue (1850).

#14 – Sally Sargent GOODHUE - daughter of Co. Wm. Sargent of Dunham, Lower Canada. (D 578) (O – “Miss Sarah Goodhue,” Michigan City Dispatch, 29 Dec. 1904, 8/4; “W.H. Goodhue Passes Away,” Michigan City Evening News, 23 Jan. 1908, 1/7).

#15 & #19 – Betsey M. MILLER & Sarah C. MILLER – Betsey was the first wife of J. Denton Miller. #17 & #19 and possibly #18 & #20 were their children. (O – “Obituary Mrs. J. Denton Miller,” Michigan City Dispatch Weekly, 1 Nov. 1883, 8/3) Lydia MILLER was Denton’s second wife. When they were married on 30 Oct. 1839 her name was listed as Almira in the La Porte Co., IN clerk’s records. Denton Miller age 51, b. NY, Sawmill, Elmyra age 41, b. NY, Minnie age 2, b. IN, Denton, age 8/12, b. IN (1860). (O – “The Remains of the Late Mrs. Denton Miller…,” Michigan City Evening Dispatch, 30 July 1887, 4/4).

#23 – C. S. ROBERTS - Charles age 42 b. NY, worked in livery stable (1850).

#24 – Elizabeth ROBERTS - age 29 b. Ireland (1850); age 39 b. Ireland (1860).

#23B – Charlie ROBERTS - son of C. S. & Elizabeth Roberts, b. ca. 1844; age 6 b. IN (1850); age 15 b. IN, clerk (1860).

#25 & #26 & #27 – Alford D., Albert D. & May H. ROBERTS - children of Henry H. & Mary A. Roberts. H.H. age 35 b. 1825 PA, Mary H. age 33 b. 1826 NY (1860); H.H. and Mary A. Burill married Mar. 1846; H.H. came to Michigan City 1851, representative to Indiana State Legislature 1854, 14 yrs. general freight agent for Michigan Central RR, 1st president of Michigan City Harbor Co., 3rd Mayor of Michigan City. (C 767) (O – “Mrs. H. H. Roberts,” Michigan City News, 25 Dec. 1907, 4/2).

#28 – Abijah BIGELOW, Esq., Revolutionary War Soldier, b. 16 April 1756 at Waltham, MS, enlisted 19 April 1775 as private under Capt. Abraham Pierce and Cols. Gardner and Thatcher in Mass. troops. Served under Capt. Brooks and Col. Brooks. In the Battle of Bunker Hill. (D.A.R. Roster of Soldiers of American Revolution buried in Indiana, p. 59).

#32, #33 & #34 – Isadore E., William L. & John H. HOLLIDAY – children of Dr. John Holliday and Caroline A. Low; Dr. John Holliday age 40 b. England, druggist, Caroline age 31 b. MA, John H. age 5 b. IN (1850) (O – “Mrs. Caroline Holliday,” Michigan City News, 9 Dec. 1903, 5/4).

#36 & #37 – Josephine A. & Albert W. STRONG - children of Dr. D. & Susan M. Strong; Dr. Strong was a doctor in Michigan City in 1835 (P 92); Susan M. Strong age 40 b. MA (1850).

#41 – Mary Ann DORAN – husband Patrick Doran, age 29 b. Ireland, laborer, Mary age 30 b. Ireland, Mary G., age 10 b. IN, Edward F., age 6, b. IN, Francis H., age 2, b. IN (1850) See #40, 42, 43, 44 & 45 for children. (O – “Peacefully Asleep,” Michigan City News, 30 June 1897, 1/4).

#46 – John H. BARKER - b. 11 September 1842 the 1st son of John H. Barker, Sr. and Cordelia E. Collamer (D 689).

#47 – George Tyler BARKER - 3 November 1846 the 3rd son of John H. Barker, Sr. and Cordelia E. Collamer. Both George & John H. were the brothers of John H. Barker who became president of the Haskell & Barker Car Co. after his father John, Sr. retired (D689).

#48 & #49 – Annis A. & Lucy A. VOICE - daughters of George Voice b. Dover Co., Kent England 1812 came to Michigan City 1838 and Elizabeth S. Clement whom he married 1835. Two children, Louise (W. L.) Gray and Hattie (Ed) Davis, were living in 1880 and George was selling confectionary, tobacco, cigars, etc. (C 772). George, age 33 b. Eng., barber, Elizabeth, age 33 b. Canada, Ellen J. 2, b. IN, Annice Clement age 20, b. OH (1850); George, age 43 b. Eng., barber, Elizabeth, age 43 b. Canada (1860). George had first barbershop in Michigan City. Another dau., Elizabeth M. age 15 is listed in the 1870 census. (O – “Death of Mrs. Voice,” Michigan City News, 2 Aug. 1888, 1/6; “An Old Citizen Dead,” Michigan City News, 27 Aug. 1890, 6/5).

#50 – Thomas LAURANCE - age 39 b. England, Tavern Keeper, wife Mary Ann age 39 b. England, children – John age 12 b. ca. 1838 NY, George age 10 b. ca. 1840 IN, Mary Ann age 7 b. ca. 1843 IN – all living in Michigan Twp. (1850).

#52 & #53 – Mary J. & George W. BOUCHARD - children of John B. & Julia Vaulan/Vonlin Bouchard. John was born 2 Nov. 1829 near Montreal, Canada and Julia was born 12 June 1834 in Ogdensburgh, NY. John, age 24 b. Canada, blacksmith, Julia age 17 b. Canada (1850); Cpl. John B. Bouchard, Artificer in the 4th Battery, Indiana in the Civil War (P 384). There were 5 other children, two dying at a young age and Louis, William and Ella. (O- “Mother and Son Taken by Death,” Michigan City Evening Dispatch, 11 Feb. 1924, 1/6; “Aged Resident Dead,” Michigan City Dispatch, 6 June 1907, 8/1).

#54 – Hattie F. EDDY - was daughter of Samuel & Pheba Eddy. Samuel age 32 b. NY, Pheba age 32, b. CT (1860).

#55 & #56 – Mary BREMER - parents John & Mary Bremer, John age 45 b. Mecklenburg, laborer, Mary age 38 b. Mecklenburg (1850).

#57 – Musarah PHELPS – b. ca. 1789 near Cambridge, Quebec, CANADA. She was wife of Philo Phelps, b. CT and mother of Mrs. Harrison Jewell, Mrs. E. B. Woodson and I. D. Phelps who was Marshall of Michigan City from 1859 – 1861. (“An Old Resident Gone- Captain I. D. Phelps Dies of Complications Due to Old Age,” Michigan City News, 17 April 1900, p. 1 c.3)

#59 – Mary BOOTH - husband Samuel was Michigan Twp. delegate to La Porte Co. Whig Convention in 1840 (p 210); Sam. age 60 b. CT, brick mason, Margaret 55 b. NY (1850); Samuel age 71 b. CT, Mary age 70 b. NY (1860).

#60 – Richard Willson COLFAX - brother of Michigan City Lighthouse Keeper Harriet Colfax; established Michigan City Transcript, a Whig newspaper in Michigan City in 1854 (P 459).

#61 – Lucretia CHENEY - husband John Cheney was an early settler of Michigan Twp.

(P 83). (O – see obituaries for #63).

#63 – George W. CHENEY - parents John E.(Eli) & Mary Cheney. John age 39 b. VT, Mary age 49 b. NJ, Wm. H. age 14, b. PA, John S. age 12, b. IN, Elizabeth Wormer age 8, b. OH (1850). John originally owned most of the land known as the “Eastport” section of Michigan City, including Cheney’s Addition to Michigan City. (O- “A Sudden Death,” Michigan City News, 7 Nov. 1894; “Old Resident Passes Away,” Michigan City Dispatch, 21 Feb. 1907, 5/5).

#64 – Henry J. REES - was a forwarding merchant (P 49); daughter Harriet Rees m. Richard Colfax #60 (L.P. Co. mar. rec.)

#65 – Arzilla MARSH - former Zilla Square park area at corner of E. Barker Ave. & Oak St. near Marsh School was named after her. David Marsh age 35, b. VT, Arzilla Wilcox age 30 b. NH, housekeeper (1860). David m. Arzilla Wilcox 21 Feb. 1861 (La Porte Co., IN Marriage Records). David came to Michigan City 1853, engaged in banking; L.N.A. & C. RR route agent and was in lumber business with brother George. (O- “Death of David Marsh,” Michigan City Dispatch Weekly, 13 July 1882, 4/6; “The Late David Marsh,” Michigan City Dispatch Weekly, 13 July 1882, 4/7).

#66 – Grace M. MARSH - wife of George Marsh dealer in pine lumber shipping via railroad in 1870’s (P 457); George Marsh age 45 b. VT, farmer (1860). (O – “Death of George Marsh, Sr.,” Michigan City Evening News, 3 Jan. 1889, 4/5; “The Funeral of the Late George Marsh,” Michigan City News, 10 Jan. 1889, 5/5; “Death of George Marsh, Sr.” Michigan City Evening Dispatch, 3 Jan. 1889 [d. 3 Jan. 1889, age 74]; “Death of Geo. Clinton Marsh,” Michigan City News, 1 July 1891, 6/6).

#67 – J. Rolland TRYON – born 10 Aug. 1827 son of David, born Rutland Co., VT and Minerva, born Canada, Tryon. His siblings were Caroline (Dr. Joseph Chamberlain), Catherine (Harvey Truesdell), Orville, and Charles. (O- “Resident 70 Years,” Michigan City Dispatch, 15 Feb. 1906, 1/1).

#68 – Charles S. TRYON - father Orville; Orville Tryon age 26 b. NY clerk living in home of Wm. Hinsdale, saloon keeper (1850). (O- “Resident 70 Years,” Michigan City Dispatch, 15 Feb. 1906, 1/1).

#69 – Lucy TRYON - Lucy Beesmer, b. 1827 was 1st wife of Orville Tryon, m. 1857 2nd wife Ellen Grenson Bragg; Orville came to Michigan City 1835, in grocery business with Wm. Miller to 1857 then moved to 160 A. farm near Union Mills (D 670). (O- “Resident 70 Years,” Michigan City Dispatch, 15 Feb. 1906, 1/1).

#70 - Herman L. HIGGINS - son of Wm. W. & Cordelia Higgins; Wm. age 39 b. CT, Cordelia age 34 b. NY (1850); Wm. W. came to Michigan City 1835, 4th Warden of Indiana State Prison, Mayor of Michigan City 1859-61 (N 291); Wm. elected Republican Representative 1862, 1864, 1866 (P 259, 260, 262). (O – “A Pioneer Dead,” Michigan City Dispatch, 25 August 1904, 8/2).

#71 & #72 – James & James L. HITCHCOCK - sons of James M. & Helen Mary Chittenden Hitchcock; James M. Hitchcock age 33, b. VT, watchmaker, Helen Mary Hitchcock age 22, b. MA, James L. age 4 b. IN, George H. age 2, b. IN (1850); James M. was in the forwarding and commission business in Michigan City in the 1840’s (P 92). Married Helen May Chittenden 21 Mar. 1843 (La Porte Co., IN Marriage Records). She died in 1860’s and may also have been moved from Old Buryal Ground to Greenwood Cemetery. (O – “Death of J. M. Hitchcock,” Michigan City News, 21 January 1891, 4/5; “Funeral of the Late James M. Hitchcock,” Michigan City News, 28 January 1891, 5/1).

#73 – Lewis SPERRY - Lewis Sperry age 44 b. CT teamster (1860).

#77 – Elmira BARNES SHEDD - husband Joshua Shedd on Abolitionist ticket for Sheriff in the August 1844 La Porte Co. election (P 237); deacon of Congregational Church early 1840’s (P 435).

#78 - William Adams TOWNER – son of James & Harriet Towner; Harriet Towner, age 52 b. VT, Michigan City Lighthouse Keeper, Abigail Coit age 54, b. VT, sister (1850); see #79 below.

#79 – James TOWNER -1838-40 principal of Michigan City Institute where Abigail Coit was a teacher, pastor of First Congregational Church (P 88 & 434).

#80 – Daniel Coit TOWNER – b. MA ca. 1831 son of James & Harriet Towne; Daniel age 19, student, b. MA (1850).

#81 & #82 – Henrietta & Emily DRESDEN – daughters of Samuel & Mary A. Dresden. See #83 for other children.

#83 – Samuel DRESDEN – early resident of Michigan City (N 87). Mary Ann Dresden age 41, widow, b. VT, Josephine age 15, b. NY, Henry age 11, b NY, Rosman age 8, b. NY, Wm. age 6, b. NY (1860 Michigan City); Leonard R. Degroff age 31, Josephine (Dresden) Degroff age 26, b. NY, Mary A. Dresden age 45, b. VT, Henry Dresden age 21, laborer b. IN, Wm. H. Dresden age 17, laborer b. IN (1870 Lafayette, IN). “Death of

Mrs. M. A. Dresden,” Michigan City News, 8 Mar. 1888, 5/4; “Funeral of Mrs. Dresden,” Michigan City News, 8 Mar. 1888, 8/3 [d. 3 Mar. 1870, age 70]; “Former Resident Dead,” Michigan City News, 5 July 1917, 5/3; “A Sad Death,” Michigan City News, 22 Aug. 1894, 7/7).

#85 – Hattie C. WRIGHT – daughter of M. M. Wright, publisher of Michigan City Enterprise 1856 to Apr. 1859 (P 459).

#87 – William H. HINSDALE – William age 53, b. VT, Mary age 33 b. OH (1850).

#88 & #89 – Mary K. & Sarah W. HAMILTON – parents James & Margaret Hamilton. James Hamilton age 47 b. PA, farmer, Sarah Hamilton age 47 b. PA, William Hamilton age 21, b. OH, Robert age 13, b. IN living in Coolspring Twp. (1850); may be James Hamilton of Co. “E”, 9th Ind. Regt. captured at Chicamauga 19 Sept. 1863 (P 319). Possible brother of Mary K. & Sarah W. (O – “James Hamilton Cold in Death,” Michigan City Evening News, 28 Dec. 1912, 1/7; “James Hamilton” Michigan City Evening News, 30 Dec. 1912, 4/2; “Death Was Sudden,” Michigan City Dispatch, 18 January 1906, 1/6).

#90 – Sarah E. BALDWIN – wife of John Baldwin. John Baldwin age 26 b. OH blacksmith living in home of Sarah Woodsworth (1850).

#91 – Rosalie R. CHASE – daughter of Rev. N.G. & Lucinda Chase; Rev. Chase was early minister of Congregational Church (P 434).

#93 – Gilbert BALDWIN – one of 1st voters in Michigan Twp. 1833 (P 275); may be father of Wm. Baldwin, blacksmith, b. OH (1850).

#94 – Smith CORNELL – parents Bela S. & Jane Cornell. Bela Cornell age 52 b. PA, laborer, Jane Cornell age 55 b. PA, John Cornell age 22 b. OH, Hugh Cornell age 19 b. OH, Haydon Cornell age 17 b. OH, Marion Cornell age 12, b. IN (1850).

#101 – Jane McDANIEL – daughter of Joseph & Margaret McDaniel. Joseph McDaniel age 42 b. VA, laborer, Margaret McDaniel age 50 b. VA, Harris McDaniel age 19 b. VA, RR fireman, Jane McDaniel age 16 b. IN (1850).

#106 – J. M. TYLER – possibly Jesse Tyler living in home of James Barnes 1850. James Barnes age 35 b. OH, carpenter, Sarah Barnes age 28 b. NY, Jesse Tyler age 26 b. NH (1850).

#112 – Mary E.GRAHAM – daughter of John & Elvira Graham. Living in home of W. P. Ward, Hotel Keeper were Robert Graham age 21 b. VA, bar keeper, Elvira Graham age 19, b. NY (1850).

#113 – Sarah L. DEPUTY – dau. of Henry C. & Lorann A. Deputy. Henry Deputy age 33, b. DE, ship carpenter, Lorann age 25, b. DE, Sarah age 10 b. MI, John W. age 8, b. MI, Rachel age 7, b. MI, Miriam age 2, b. IN (1850).

#118 – Eliza EDDY – husband Rev. E. G. Townsend was pastor of Congregational Church 1840-41 (P 434 & Cong. Church History).

#121 – Jerome L. PATTERSON - son of George W. & Eliza A. Patterson. George W. Patterson age 27 b. NY, shoemaker, Eliza A. 20 b. NY, Coriann Patterson age 2/12 b. IN, Walter Patterson age 15 b. NY (1850).

#122 – Henry QUICK – came to Michigan City 1835 (P 85).

#123 – Orrill SHREVE – wife of George Shreve. George Shreve age 30 b. PA, Hotel Keeper; Orrill Shreve age 27 b. PA, Clarissa Shreve age 10 b. PA, Wm. Clark Shreve age 7 b. PA, Juliett Shreve age 4, b. IN (1850).

#124 & #125 – Juliett SHREVE and Earmetha SHREVE – daus. of George & Orrill Shreve, see #123.

#126 – Lucy EVANS – daughter of Allen & Olive S. Evans; Allen Evans age 25 b. OH, lawyer, Olive Evans age 17 b. NY (1850); possibly Presbyterian minister after 1844 (P 150).

#128 – George W. GILCHRIEST – son of A. D. & Eleanor Gilchriest; possibly living in Coolspring Twp. Archibald age 38 b. NY, Elizabeth D. age 23 b. OH, Harriet E. age 3 b. IN, Ira E. age 1 b. IN (1850).

#137 – Emeline KING – b. 25 Aug. 1834 daughter of Otis King, Sr., a tanner b. 14 Jan. 1811 in Enfield, CT and Catherine R. Clements b. 10 June 1810 in Springfield, MS, siblings were Belinda b. 1838, Wilhelmina b. 1843 and Otis, Jr. b. 1848 and a Civil War veteran (D 423). (O- “Death’s Harvest, Otis King,” Michigan City News, 20 Feb. 1895, 8/5; “Death of Mrs. King,” Michigan City News, 5 Apr. 1888, 8/5; “The Funeral of Mrs. Catherine R. King,” Michigan City News, 12 Apr. 1888, 5/2).

#140 – Offley LEEDS – was a Quaker b. Newton Co., NJ, came in 1837 to Michigan City, IN and married the same year in La Porte Co. Charlotte L. Ridgway. He engaged in the mercantile business, real estate and flouring mills (D 157).

#142 – Jane JESSOP – b. IN sister of Thomas Jessup (1850).

#143 – John RITTER – John Ritter age 39, b. NY, farmer, Melvina Ritter age 28, b. PA, Galatin age 7, b. IN, Harriett age 6, b. IN, John age 3, b. IN, Catherine age 1, b. IN (1860).

#144 – Simon RITTER – came to Michigan City from Seneca Co., NY 1835 (P 85).

#146 & #147 – John & Susan COTTO(A)M – Joseph Cottam age 18, b. IN, laborer, may be their son (1850).

#148 – David BURR - came to Michigan City in 1835 (P 85).

#149 – Horace BURR – Michigan Twp. representative to La Porte Co. Whig convention in 1840 (P 211); elected assessor in 1840 on Whig ticket (P 223). Horace BURR, b. MA, farmer (1850).

#152 – Samuel MILLER – one of first residents of Michigan City, first real estate agent, first postmaster, first warehouseman and owned La Porte County’s first newspaper, Michigan City Gazette for a period between 1835-40 (N 77-79, 83).

#158 & #159 – daughters BEHAN – daughters of David & Maria Behan. David Behan age 30, b. Ireland, shoemaker, Maria age 24, b. NY, Elijah, age 6, b. IN, Mary age 3, b. IN, Rushia Ann age 9/12, b. IN (1850).

#160 – Mrs. James HAMILTON – could be Margaret Hamilton, mother of #88 & #89. Could also be Sarah Hamilton age 47 and wife of James Hamilton in 1850 census. Refer to #88 & #89.

#165, 166, 167 – David MEACHEM – Civil War veteran in Co. “D”, 138th Infantry Regt. (P 375).

#169 – Dr. BEMENT – came to Clinton Twp., La Porte Co., IN 1840 (P 140).

#171 & #172 – Margaret W. STEWART & infant son – may be 1st wife & son of Robert Stewart age 46, b. PA, machinist (1850).

#175 - #184 – PHILLIPS Children - Addison J. PHILLIPS and Eliza R. HAVER were married 19 June 1845 and to them were born 16 children, most of whom died in infancy or in early childhood. (There may have been 10 or more who died, but names are not known.) Addison was b. 18 May 1822 in Perrington, Monroe Co., NY Cyril and Virena Bateman Phillips. Addison followed the family trade of a shoemaker and later the real estate business and was also the City Marshal for the City of Michigan City, IN 1869 – 1871. He was a brother to Lodner Darvontis Phillips who invented the Great Lakes First Submarine. (“A. J. Phillips Dead, Aged 86, Michigan City Evening News, 11 May 1908, 4/2.)

#185 Mercy Amelia Spring BIGELOW – wife of Abijah BIGELOW – stone #28

#186 Ashton Family stone - following family members #'s 186 thru #188 all listed on North side of stone - Gallitin Ashton - Born Jun 1, 1812 Died Aug 9, 1864
#187 Elizabeth S. his wife Born July 19, 1821 Died September 8, 1852
#188 Nettie dau. of G. & H. Ashton July 4 to Nov 18m, 1861
#186 Father (Ashton)
#187 Mother (Ashton)
#188 Nettie (Ashton)


On 18 April 1837 David Harrison was appointed by the Common Council of the City of Michigan City, IN to be the first sexton of the Old Buryal Ground
for a term of one year. Nothing more is known about him. (Book 1, p. 14, Common Council Minutes.)

On 17 April 1838 R. G. Moody was appointed by the Common Council of the City of Michigan City, IN to be the second sexton of the Old Buryal Ground
for a term of one year. Nothing more is known about him. (Book 1, p. 38, Common Council Minutes.)

On 16 April 1839 F. Mallet was appointed by the Common Council of the City of Michigan City, IN to be the third sexton of the Old Buryal Ground
for a term of one year. Nothing more is known about him. (Book 1, p. 51, Common Council Minutes.)

On 21 April 1840 Nicholas Mallet was appointed by the Common Council of the City of Michigan City, IN to be the fourth sexton of the Old Buryal Ground
and was reappointed sexton each year through 1863, except for brief period of time from 14 Oct. 1861, when he resigned the position, to 19 May 1862
when he was reappointed. A Mr. Holmes was appointed to fill the interim period, but nothing is known of him. (Book 1 - pp.91, 105, 121, 141, 148, 226, 237, 248, 263,
287, 311, 356, 402; Book “A”- pp.47, 50, 51.)
No other appointments are recorded after 19 May 1862. Since burials were not permitted after 26 November 1864
and the Old Buryal Ground fell into a terrible state of disrepair, perhaps no other sexton was ever appointed.

Ironically, at the end of this research I received an inquiry from Darla Stimbert whose fourth great grandfather was Christmas Mallet who purchased land in
La Porte Co. and was listed in the 1840 census for Michigan City. Following is information she provided on Nicholas Mallet (e-mail 31 Aug. 2005).
Nicholas Mallet was the brother of Christmas and was also here prior to 1840, but is not listed in the census. Nicholas took his oath of allegiance to
the United States on 10 September 1844 and stated he was born in 1804 in the Lower Province of Canada and entered the US about 15 Oct. 1821
at Fort of Black Rock, NY (Niagara Falls area). (Naturalization Record Vol. “E”, p. 504, Clerk’s Office, La Porte Co., IN.)

The 1850 Census for Michigan City (M432_157, Twp. Michigan, p. 291) lists Nicholas Mallet, age 51, laborer, b. CAN; Maria (Wilcox by previous marriage) wife,
age. 44, bp. unknown; Ezra Wilcox, age 22, b. PA; Stephen Wilcox, age 12, b. IN.

The 1860 Census for Michigan City (M652_ 275, Michigan City, La Porte Co., IN, p. 405) lists Nicholas Mallet, age 61, Sexton, b. CAN.

There is a christening record for a Nicholas Mallet, b. 25 Apr. 1798, christened 26 Apr. 1798 at Saint Joachim Catholic Church, Chateaugay, Quebec.
(This differs with the age given on naturalization papers, but agrees with 1850 and 1860 censuses, so it is possibly the same person.

The last record found for Nicholas Mallet reads as follows:

Nicholas Mallet, sexton protestant burying ground, residence 5th between Washington and Franklin.
(Campbell and Richardson’s Directory for Michigan City, IN for 1862-63, p. 107)

No further information was found on Nicholas Mallet, so the date and place of his death is unknown. It is possible he died prior to 26 November 1864 and
was buried in the Old Buryal Ground or later and was buried in Greenwood Cemetery. However, no record has been found of any burial, a sad testimony
for one who was a faithful sexton for so many years.

Patricia Gruse Harris - June 2005

October 2005 Patricia Gruse Harris

Burial Order