LaPorte Old City Cemetery

La Porte County, Indiana

Memorial for the mass burial of unclaimed reburials

Internments removed and reburied at Pine Lake Cemetery or other cemeteries

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Photos of a portion of the old City Cemetery moved and now in Pine Lake Cemtery.

Disclaimer: This cemetery listing was submitted to the LaPorte County US Gen Web mail system. I am posting it here for those that might have missed it or have not had the opportunity to view it. Although this is only a list of names with no dates, perhaps it will help someone find that their ancestors were indeed here in LaPorte County.

Old City Cemetery History - In the original grant for land upon which the city of LaPorte was built, a small piece of land consisting of about two and one-half acres was donated as a grave yard. There was no fee and/or provisions made for any separate ownership lots. Therefore, any unoccupied ground could be appropriated by any person and therefore interment together of deceased family members soon became impossible. It was also discovered that the amount of ground designated for this burial sepulcher was entirely inadequate in comparison to the growing population. Although frequently discussed, until the summer of 1856 when steps were finally taken to create articles of association that were drawn up and a subscription of stock procured amounting to $2000.

The first meeting of the members of the association was held at the Court House, Aug 1, 1856. The first interment was in 1858. The number of trustees was fixed at seven: Amzi Clark, Geo. L. Andrew, Gilbert Hathaway, Abraham Teegarden, Ferdinand Roberts, Don J. Woodward and Lycurgus Sherman were elected the first board, and the organization was completed by the election of Gilbert Hathaway as president and Don J. Woodward as secretary and treasurer.

Immediately after its organization the trustees invited proposals from all owning real estate in the vicinity of the city for the sale of such lands as were suitable for a cemetery. Not only the tracts offered but all the lands within proper distance were visited and carefully considered, and the result was the selection of that portion of the county farm which lay south of its bisecting highway and east of the Michigan City Plank road. The first purchase considered forty-four acres and several years afterwards that portion of the same tract lying between the Plank road and Pine lake was purchased of the county, giving the cemetery the ownership of its entire frontage upon on of the most beautiful lakes in the northwest, and a total of about fifty-six acres.

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LaPorte had what was named the" Old City Cemetery". This listing includes a partial listing on only the Old City Cemetery of LaPorte city which was moved to Pine Lake Cemetery.

On July 1, 2001 I stopped out at Pine Lake to take some of these photos while returning home from another cemetery I had just photographed.
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Thank you to Terry Schliewe for submitting this partial listing and to Fern Eddy Schultz, the LaPorte County Historian, for researching and finding this valuable information. Here is a portion of the information gleaned from his letter: There was an old cemetery on the west edge of La Porte, called the Old City Cemetery. It was closed for the most part in the 1870's, when both Pine Lake and Patton Cemetery had been established. In a newspaper article dated 23 March 1893, a list of names were published of those buried in the Old City Cemetery. It offered relatives a chance to relocate their deceased loved ones to the cemetery of their choice. Those that weren't claimed were moved in 1893 and are now buried in a mass grave in the Pine Lake Cemetery.

The names printed in the Daily Herald as being reinterred are:

Wm B Hale
Laucy McCollum
Emily Storms
Anna Bihler
Daniel Abbott
Sally Ann Pierce
Adelia May Fulton
Arvilley B Abbot
Hedwig Hoebel
Infant H K Druliner
Little Olive Windiate
Little George Windiate
George Loveland
Emily McIntyre
Endin Miner
Joseph Burrell
James Cunningham
Elizabeth M Troxell
Richard Clement
Carolina Clement
Sophronia Bailey
Joseph Wideman
Korona Albrecht
Priscilla Burdine
John B Mathews
Chas A Tucker
Horance Tucker
Geo Henry Shelden
Carrie M Shelden
Wm H Shelden
Ann T Snodgrass
Edwin D Brown
James H Brown
Roxanna Brown
G W Brandon
Wm Brandon
J V Brandon
M K J Shaw
Gertrand Zechgeb
Mary R Smith
Nicholas De Myer
Frances Augusta Rhinehart
Wm S Campbell
Josiah W Wing
Thos P Armstrong
Margaret K Armstrong
Harriet B Wing
Jane C Bear
Sarah F Bear
Eliza Maria Stebbins
Permelia P Wilson
John Wilson
Elizabeth K Woodson
Francis Smith
Harvey Collins
Harriet A Collins
Charlette E Collins
Wm Brown
Philura Brown
Theodore Brown
Viola Brown
Chas E Beckner
Alice M Tower
Sarah E Tower
Wealthy Tower
Jane E Miller
Wm O Miller
Ida M Miller
Amelia Mercury
Julia Adelia Hews
Martha F Hews
Martha Walker
James C Howell
Fraancis O Brown
Warren Hill
Amelia Blackburn
Sylvester S Oaks
Hammel H Baker
Mary Seymour
Kate Seymour
Cyrus Heaton
Lydia E Heaton
Chas E Hart
Jacob A Hart
Sarah Ann Mix

Samuel M Patterson
Michael Haas
Rebecca Clarkson
Chas M Clarkson
Caroline Walrath
Andrew Walrath
W W Bent
Alice Buel
Infant A M Buel
Mary A Rucker
Otis D Slocum
Otis D Slocum, Jr
Georgeanna Slocum
Emma Anna Slocum
Mary Jenkinson
Henry Stafford
L N Bailey (soldier)
Infant A & W Durban
S A Trowbridge
Eunice H Reed
Alvah Smith
Wm Bunyea
Mary Bunyea
Edward Aldrich
Wm J Forshee
Ida E McCollum
Chas L McCollum
Martha Ann Rankin Austin
Rosa's Grave
Mary Ellen Bainford
Wm Washington Treadway
Ann Maria Treadway
Abigail J Stewart
Elzia Wilson
Thisbe A Bailey
Caleb Gary
John F Decker Sr
Emily Crook
Sarah J Crook
Mary E Crook
John Crook
Sarah Crook
James Burnett
Eliza A Kipps

Over view of Old City Reburials

Otis D Slocum

view of Old City Reburials

Smith, Burdine and others

Michael Haas

Haller and other stones

Kipps, Burnett and others

Lucy Brown, McIntyre and

Mary Elizabeth Soward
and other stones

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