Day Cemetery Coolspring Township

La Porte County, Indiana
Coolspring Township
Located in NE1/4, W1/2, N1/2, SE1/4 Sec. 23,
Twp. 37N, Range 4W
West side of Forrester Road south of 275N on
Jean Buchanan Farm

#1 4 sided stone:
South Side: Jonathan B. DAY
Died Feb. 18, 1866 Aged 64 Yrs. 10 Mos. 20 Ds.
Footstone: see #7

West Side: Sarah R. Dau. of J.B. & N.G. DAY
Died April 26, 1863 Aged 30 Yrs. 2 Mos. & 6 Ds.
Footstone: see #8

North Side: Nellie G. Wife of J. B. DAY
Died Dec. 17, 1892 Aged 86 Yrs. 10 Ms. & 11 Ds.
Small stone to north: see #2

East Side: Brittie R. Dau. of J.B. & N.G. DAY
Died June 30, 1879 Aged 40 Yrs. 6 Mos. & 1 Day
Footstone: see #9

#2 Small Stone: "Mother"

#3 George D.C. Son of J.B. & Nelly G. DAY
Died Oct. 30, 1854 AE. 8y's 3 mo. 25 ds.
"A lovely flower has fallen In its earliest sweetest bloom.
And few may know the grief we feel That it passed away so soon."
Footstone: see #4

#4 Footstone at foot of #3: no inscription

#5 Anna M. Dau. of S. & S. A. DAY
Died Aug. 28, 1871 Ag'd 11 ms. & 8 ds.
Footstone: see #6

#6 Footstone at foot of #5: no inscription

#7 Footstone: J. B. D.

#8 Footstone: S. R. D. #9 Footstone: B. R. D.

Read Sept. 1999 Patricia Gruse Harris

Old Burial Listing

 Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Additional Comments
4 Sided Stone with the four following
Day Jonathon B.   Feb 18, 1866 South side of Stone - Aged 64 Yrs. 10 Mos 20 Ds.
  Sarah R.   April 26, 1863 West side of stone - Aged 30 Yrs 2 Mos 6 Ds. Dau. of J.B. & N.G. Day
  Nellie G.     North Side of Stone
aged 86 Yrs 10 Mos. 11 Ds grave also marked by a small stone to north marked "Mother"
  Brittie R.   June 30, 1879 Aged 40 Yrs 6 Mos 1 Day
see also small foot stone marked B.R.D.
  George D. C.   Oct 30, 1854 A.E. 8 Y's 3 Mo 25 Ds. - Son of J.B. & Nelly G. "A lovely flower has fallen in its earliest sweetest bloom. And few may know the grief we feel. That it passed away so soon"
Also a Footstone at the base of this stone with no inscription
  Anna M.   Aug 28, 1871 Dau. of S. & S.A. Day - Ag'd 11 ms & 8 ds. Also a footstone at foot of grave with no inscription
Footstone   J.B.D.    
Footstone   S.R.D.    
Footestone   B.R.D.    
Buchanan George   Jan 16, 1907 son of Allen & Jessie Shaw Buchanan - no stone

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First listing displayed on page is a Newer reading which was done in September of 1999 by: Patricia Gruse Harris

Disclaimer: The second reading as seen below was done by a volunteer group who went out and recorded the location of plots and individuals buried there. Notes added under "Additional Comments" column contain both personal notes added by transcriber at cemetery site and some tombstone readings. This is an abandoned cemetery, no veterans and several small stones on the Russell Buchanan Farm.
This cemetery is on Private property. Permission should always be asked of the owner of the property to view any cemetery on privately owned land. Newest reading is as follows:

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