Eight Square Cemetery

Pine Twp
County Line Road
between Snyder & Burdick Roads

Porter County, Indiana


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Frame tombstone and cemetery sign photos contributed by Jean Frame.

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She wrote this brief history a few years ago about Eight Square Cemetery.

Eight Square Cemetery History

When searching local cemeteries for our ancestors, it is important that we do not overlook cemeteries in bordering counties.
One such cemetery is Burdick, also known as 8-Square, after the octagonal shaped building erected about 1840 and used as a church
and school until about 1914. The building was torn down in the late 1920's or early 1930's, but the eight (8) cornerstones which served
as the building's foundation are still there. An 1856 deed shows that the 1 acre parcel was deeded "To the public of Porter and
La Porte counties, as long as it is used as a burying ground". Because of the wording of the deed, there was no clear line of responsibility
for maintenance of the cemetery. In the past, the cemetery has been badly neglected and became overgrown. Several times, civic groups
performed major clean-ups at the site. Then, in January 1998 both the LaPorte and Porter county commissions transferred their respective
interests in the cemetery to Porter County's Pine Township. It is now being maintained by the Pine Township Trustee's office. Some of the
family names found here are:

Disclaimer: I am placing this cemetery on line because I have gotten quite a few emails concerning it.
Please note: this cemetery is in Porter County and not in LaPorte County.
Eight Square Cemetery was sometimes known as County Line Cemetery, as Burdick Cemetery to others and/or Wolford Cemetery
because of all the family members buried there.

Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Additional Comments
Barnes J. P. - Dec 28, 1863 age 54 yrs 3 mo 13 da
Barnes Ida - died Aug 7 or Aug 2, 1860 dau. J.P. & S. J.
age 3 yrs 6 mo 12 da
Barnes Ida L - Feb 15, 1881 1 yr 1 m 4 d
Barnes Augustus 1854 1931 This may be August Barnes as shown in 1931 obits Vidette Messenger Feb 20, 1931
Unknown Harrison - - -
Unknown James - - -
Unknown Julia - - -
Barnes Lousea or Loueza 1861 1924 wife Augustus
Unknown Mary      
Unknown Rosa - - -
Barnes Philander 1842 May 13, 1892 Co. I 48th Indiana Inf.
Barnes Lillian M.
(S/B Lulah M)
- Nov 2, 1884
other date shows
Aug 2, 1884
age 5 mo 5 da
Barnes John S 1888 1891 -
Barnes Mrs. Sarah Jane 1823 August, 1895 Born 1823 in North Carolina
Unmarked grave - see Obit below.
Bedenkop Anna - Aug 26, 1887 age 23 yrs 6 mo 23 da
wife H. D.
Bedenkop Eliza - Sep 4, 1868 1st wife of Henry Sr.
Bedenkop Paulina - Mar 22, 1891 age 52 yr
2nd wf Henry Sr
Bedenkop Henry Sr - Jan 6, 1885 age 56 yrs
Bedenkop Elizabeth - Aug 22, 1866 age 1 yr 7 mo 16 da
dau of H & E
Boone Martha E - Jan 21, 1878 age 25 yrs 2 mo 28 da
Boone Robert H 1844 1920 other listing shows Robert M
Boone Margaret A 1832 1902
Booth Charles 1843 1884 -
Booth Eddy - Mar 23, 1869 1 m and days worn away
Booth Sarah 1847 1926 -
Boothe Alfred Nov 14, 1818 Dec 9, 1883 -
Boothe George F 1870 1898 -
Boothe George W 1840 1912  
Boothe Maxwell 1891 1899 -
Boothe Rachel Aug 12, 1822 Jan 5, 1900 wife Alfred - see obit below listing
Brown Martha E Miles -   wife H. H. Brown
Burgess Orin J - Mar 5, 1871 6 yrs 10 mo 18 da
son of A. & S. should read son of Nelson & Sarah (Powers) Burgess
correction contributed by Karolyn McLain
Cotton Alonzo A 1852 no death date -
Cotton Priscilla 1855 "     " wife Alonzo A
m. 28 Sep 1877 in Porter Co., IN  nee Shaner
m. 28 Sep 1877 in Porter County, IN
Cotton William B 1874 1934 -
Cotton Anna 1877 1936 wife William B
Cotton Guy B 1915 1920 son W.B. & A.M.
Cotton Guy M - Jan 18, 1885 3 yr 6 mo
son of A. A. & P.
Cotton Naoma July 1, 1908 Aug 1, 1908 dau W.B. & A.M.
Drake Helen C Mar 10, 1920 Dec 7, 1980 -
Duggan Debbie M Mar 25, 1958 Jan 22, 1992 nee McCormick
Dysard Addie M - April 27, 1878 age 21 yrs 6 mo 1 da
wife James T.
James remaried after Addie's death - buried in Greenwood Cem. Michigan City, IN
Dysard Chester A May 28, 1906 Feb 5, 1907 son of J.W. & G. A.
Frame family lot        
Frame badly worn stone        
Frame John Sr. 1804 Feb 29, 1872 age 68 yrs 2 mo
Frame Ufa 1810 Dec 29, 1860 Age 85 yrs 4 mo 7 da
wife John Sr.
Frame Augusta J - July 13, 1861 age 39 yrs 4 mo 12 da
Note on sheets - wife S.W. (should be Wm. G.)
Frame Younger 1832 1914 father
Frame Louisa (Weston) March 7, 1839 1920 wife Younger
Frame John June 6, 1837 May 20 1903 -
Frame Francis F - Apr 23, 1846 16 yr 6 m 3 d
Frame George   Oct 1, 1865 5 mo 20 day
Frame Harriet E Feb 27, 1836 no date wife John
Frame William June 25, 1840 Oct. 12, 1918 Obit Oct 16, 1918 Michigan City News
Frame Mary Zoe May 7, 1841 1920 wife William
Frame Merry J   10-11-1858 1 y 4 m 12 d
Frame Elizabeth June 1, 1850 Nov. 17, 1925 wife of Martin V
Frame Martin V June 14, 1843 June 4, 1896 Individual marker
Frame, Martin V monolith   1843 1896 monolith
Frame, Martin V children       on same monolith with Martin V
Frame Ethan S Feb 21, 1877 Jan 21, 1879 Individual marker
Frame Louisa or Louise G July 3, 1879 Nov 6, 1880 Individual marker
Frame Martin infant - Aug 1884 Individual marker
Frame Lyman Blair Feb 17, 1847 Dec 22, 1928 -
Frame (Mary) Emma June 14, 1854 Sep 17, 1923 wife Lyman Blair Frame
Frame Edwin Sep 12, 1850 Nov 29, 1897 -
Frame Willie E - Aug 14, 1862 age 11 yrs 7 mo 7 da
son Wm G & Augusta
possibly his stone
Frame S.....G illegible - -
Geisen Nick 1863 1914 -
Glass Jane E - Jan 13, 1870 23 yr 6 m. 2 da
wife of John Glass
Goodwin John M - M.D. June 5, 1812 Oct 22, 1892 age 80 yrs 4 mo 10 da
born at Cuba Lake, NY
Goodwin Sarah B (Biggs) Jan 1, 1819 1913 wife John M
Goodwin William H Jan 11, 1847 1921 -
Goodwin Anna V 1851 1931 wife William H
Goodwin Charles 1876 1905 -
Goodwin Mabel M 1904 1915 -
Graydon William - Mar 7, 1871 age 45 years 6 mo 6 da
Civil War Veteran - enlisted Co A, 113th Inf. Reg. Illinois not Indiana - MO on 27 May 1865
census shows this man as being 45 in 1870 census.
Widow Sarah remarried a Michael McAulife on 12 Apr 1877 in LaPorte Co., IN - see his burial info below.
Hackett or Hacket William Henry - Sept 4, 1862 age 3 yrs 1 mo 25 da
son S.G. & A. J. or... SC & AJ
Hackett or Hacket Chauncey - 1870  
Hackett tombstone- worn        
Hadden Robert C   Aug 25, 1872 -
Harman Mary E Feb 17, 1828 Oct 20, 1896 wife E. R.
Henry Lottie Jan 8, 1854 Apr 16, 1892 wife of E. N.
Henry Minnie F
Feb 3, 1881 age 3 yrs 24 da
dau of E & L
Hurley Laurena or Lorena 1903 1939 Jan 14, 1939 obit appeared
nee Swisher
Hutson Ben Buford   July 20, 1907
Unmarked grave..
See Obit below
Kilmer Frankie Aug 16, 1877 Sept 6, 1878 son H. W. & A. L.
Kilmer Monte M Sep 26, 1879 June 20, 1889 another reading shows Jan 20, 1880 son H. W. &. A. L.
Kroencke Andrew 1848 1926  
McAuliffe Michael July 2, 1826 Dec 11, 1901 -
McAuliffe Samuel 1878 1913 -
McCarty Fred W (Alfred W) 1854 1935 stone laying on ground - so. Wiley McCarty
McCarty Malinda 1853 1945 wife of Alfred. dau. of George and Lucinda (Frame) Shaner m. Alfred in 3/17/1873 b. Oct. 1, 1853 - obit appeared Oct 26, 1945
McCormick Vincent A 1915 1973 -
Mahoney Daniel   1864 Civil War Veteran -
S.C. II Ind. V. 1
died at age 21
Mason Daniel      
Modlin Susan - Feb 7, 1865 age 5 yrs 8 da
dau. A. J. & M.
Moffit Elizabeth C Nov 30, 1885 Mar 21, 1961 mother
Moffit Robert Jay Dec 1, 1918 Mar 13, 1979 son Frank & Elizabeth (Harness) Moffitt
Pvt. US Army WW II
Moffitt Truman B May 23, 1922 May 13, 1985 Pfc US Army WW II
Moffitt Arthur F Oct 26, 1914 Mar 22, 1976 Pfc US Army WW II
Morris Susan   Feb 5, 1865 dau. A. J. & M.
age 5 yrs 8 da.
is this a different reading then above name of Modlin
Parker Branson O - Aug 14, 1852 stone broken.. date?
Parker Emma L - May 4, 1863 dau of E. D. & I
someone else submitted Daughter of Branson and Ann
Reynolds should read
J. N.. for (John Nelson )
20 Mar 1842 13 July 1865 4 Reynolds family corrections contributed by Karolyn McLain at kmclain01@earthlink.net
Enlisted as a Private August 1862 declared residence as Crossing, IN - promoted to Corporal in Co. K. 73rd, Ind. Vol. Inf. MO on 01 July 1865 in Nashville, TN
Reynolds S. G.
should read
Col. Stephen Gerard Reynolds
27 Apr 1837 IN 6 Apr 1878 in Otis, LaPorte Co., IN Pvt enlisted 24 April 1861 into Co. A 151st Ind. Vols.MO 29 July 1861 in Indianapolis, IN
both John Nelson Reynolds & Stephen Gerard Reynolds sons of Josiah & Elizabeth (Burgess) Reynolds
Reynolds Elizabeth 6 Jan 1814 in NY June 11, 1866 age 52 yrs 5 mo 1 da
wf - Josiah - he's not buried in Eight Square
Reynolds Mary Loretta 11 Aug 1857 June 16, 1858
should read 29 June 1858
age 6 yrs 5 da
dau of J & E (Josiah & Elizabeth (Burgess) Reynolds)
Shaner M. Lucinda Oct 3, 1834 Jul 15, 1864 29 yrs 9 m 12 da
nee Frame m. George W. on 18 Jan 1854
Shaner R.V.D.   Apr 23, 1872
dau. G.W. & M. L.
Shoemake Ermina A. (Boothe) March 13, 1894 May 18, 1977 wf of P. H Shoemake
Shelton John G - June 12, 1875 age 3 yrs
son H.D. & L.G.
Shelton Cora E - died June 23, 1877 age 2 yrs
dau. H.D. & L.G.
Shelton Margaret - Mar 13, 1871 no age given
Stevens Ethan Feb 2, 1816 Dec 28, 1893 father
Stevens Nancy Frame Apr 11, 1830 May 31, 1894 wife Ethan
Stevens Arthur E Sept 3, 1854 Jan 16, 1855 son Ethan & Nancy
Storm John Mar 23, 1820 July 27, 1905  
Storm Mary Nov 11, 1821 Apr 28, 1891 wife John
Storm John 1844 1859 son John & Mary
Storm Fred 1845 1863 son John & Mary
Storm William or Willie 1861 1864 son John & Mary
Thompson Andrew J - May 8, 1857 age 43 yrs 6 mo 1 da
Thorman Gottlieb   gest den 21 May 1880 alter 60 libre 2 mo 21 torges
Thorman Maria Geb 16 Nov 1818 da 6 August 1870 Frau Von G. Thorman
Underwood Lowell T Dec 19, 1933 Jun 3, 1989 US Navy Korea
Weston Isaac - Sep 19, 1868 age 62 yrs 6 mo 1 da
Weston Louisa - Jun 5, 1888 age 85 yrs 4 mo 5 da
wife of I. Weston
N.B.W. (beside Weston stones) 1848 1872 -
Wolford John Aug 8, 1835 Nov 2, 1910 father
Wolford Mary A Apr 28, 1842 Jul 28, 1928 wife John
Wolford Michael Andrew Jan 19, 1954 Dec 24, 1972 "Mike"
"He's is just away"
so. Gaylen Wolford
Wolford Andrew M 1910 1968 father
Wolford Ethel M. 1912 1980 mother nee Moffit
Wolford Gerald F Oct 8, 1936 Dec 24, 1984 father
Wolford Carole L - - may still be living
"They live forever in the hearts of those that loved them"
Wolford Henry C 1875 1933 father
Wolford Rachel (Booth) 1877 1934 wife Henry C - wed 1897
Wolford Warren W Apr 9, 1898 Apr 11, 1948 Obit appreared Apr 12, 1948
Wolford Donna Mae Apr 3, 1931 Mar 10, 1933 should be 1932 obit dated Mar 14, 1932
Wolford Grace 1911 1940 nee Atwood
Wolford infant dau May 16, 1940 May 16, 1940 -

Unknown male - March 1971 Wetmore Fun. Home marker - body found on Lakeshore

Barnes, Mrs. Sarah Jane - obit - Chesterton Tribune, August 16, 1895 -
"Burdick. -- Mrs. Sarah Jane Barnes died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Wm. Cain, Thursday morning.
Her funeral was held Friday afternoon at the Eight-Square school house. Rev. Weston officiated."
 additional note from Donna Nelson - Sarah Jane (Hall) (Claypool) Barnes, wife of J.P. Barnes. Born 1823 in North Carolina.
Died August, 1895 in Porter Co., Indiana

Rachel Boothe obit - Jan 10, 1900 - The funeral of the late Mrs. Rachael Boothe was held Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock
at the County Line church, and was largely attended by relatives and friends. The remains were laid to rest in the County Line Cemetery.
   Mrs. Booth was ahighly repected and lovable woman and will be deeply mourned by her many firneds and sorrowing children.
Mrs. Boothe was a member of the Christian church and Rev. O. Stewart concuted the funeral services.
   Those from Michigan City, wo attended the funeral of Mrs. Boothe were: Mrs. W. O. Leeds, Mrs. B. H. Eddy,
Mrs. J. Snook, Mrs. J. Mason, Mrs. C. Doherty, Mr. F. M. Boeckling and Mr. J. Snook.

Hutson, Ben Buford - Michigan City News - 21 ? July 1907 -
African Buried With Honor - Former slave and one colored resident ? ? of Westville, died, Saturday, July 20.
  Westville's entire colored population passed away this week in the death of Ben Buford Hutson, a relic of the slave days in the south.
He was born in Kentucky and was held by the Buford family, a part of the aristocracy of that section.  He was carefully trained and
was in many respects an exemplary member of his class, retaining to the close of a long life a diction of language and a probity
and dignity of character which reflected credit on Mareo (or Marec) and Misses Buford. Ben's heart never left the south,
though he came north about the time of the civil war. For some years he filled position of butler in a Chicago family coming to this vicinity
with the Dunlaps at the time the moved to a farm a few miles southwest of Michigan City in the edge of Porter county.
The Dunlaps were war refugees from Kentucky and in what was then almost a wilderness they cased to be erected a residence
of more than ordinary pretentions.   Few private houses in the larger cities were more spacious and ornate in decoration, though
financial troubles intervened before the plans were fully consummated. Ben Buford was a part of the debris.
He married and led a precarious existence in the vicinity since. The burial took place Friday at the Eight Square Cemetery,
funeral services being held in W. Jeromes yard. Appropriate words were spoken by Sylvester Bertram and a choir sang.
The casket was heaped with flowers. The Westville Indicator says " Our people did honor to themselves in giving tender
and decent burial to one who was a child grown old and whose life lay in much sorrow".

Individuals buried (or believed to be buried) in Eight Square Cemetery -
Contributed by: Steve Shook - woodisgood@moscow.com

Philander Barnes - BURDICK, Ind. -- Philander Barnes died of consumption last Friday.
The funeral was held at the home of his sister Mrs. Wm. Cain last Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock.
The services were conducted by Rev. Hayes of Westville, and the remains were interred in what is known as the eight square cemetery.
He has been sick for a long time but has suffered little, just wasted slowly away.
SOURCE: The Tribune - Chesterton, Porter County, Indiana; May 20, 1892; Volume 9, Number 6, Page 8, Column 5

BOONE, Margaret A.   -  Michigan City Evening News - Saturday, Feb. 22, 1902: Mrs. Robert M. Boone of Pine township, Porter county,
whose husband is one of the best known residents of Porter county, passed away this morning after a few weeks' illness of pneumonia.
Mrs. Boone was about 58 years old and was a refined and well educated lady who possessed many friends in this city and elsewhere.
The news of her death will cause much sadness and Mr. Boone has the sympathy of his many Michigan City friends in his great bereavement.
It is expected that the remains will be taken to Chicago for interment. (see follow up). Michigan City Evening News, Monday, Feb, 24, 1902:
The funeral of Mrs. Robert M. Boone, whose death THE NEWS chronicled Saturday, will be held Tuesday morning at 10:30 o'clock from
the Bull schoolhouse in Pine township, Porter county. The remains will be interred in a neighboring cemetery.
A number of friends from this city will attend the obsequies.
CONTRIBUTOR'S NOTE: Margaret and Robert Boone are in Row 12, Eight Square/Burdick Cemetery.

Edwin Frame - Burdick. - Edward Frame died at his home at 7642 Drexel ave., Chicago, Nov. 29, age 45 years and 2 months,
of cancer of the stomach. The remains were brought to Burdick, and the funeral services held Dec. 3,
the services being conducted at the Eight Square school house, Rev. Wright officiating. Deceased was a brother of John
and Younger Frame, and leaves a family of a wife and five children.
SOURCE: The Chesterton Tribune - Chesterton, Porter County, Indiana; December 4, 1897; Volume 14, Number 34, Page 1, Column 5

Mr. Martin Frame - Burdick. Mr. Martin Frame aged 52 years, died at his home in Chicago, Thursday, June 4th. On Saturday
his remains were sent here for burial. The funeral was held in the M. E. church at this place, Rev. Rite, of Chicago, officiating.
The deceased leaves a wife, two children and five brothers to mourn his loss. His remains were interred in the Eight Square cemetery.
SOURCE: The Westchester Tribune - Chesterton, Porter County, Indiana; June 13, 1896; Volume 13, Number 9, Page 8, Column 1

Mrs. Kilmer - Probably Mrs. Henry Kilmer - - Daily Herald, Wed, Dec 6, 1894 - Mrs. Kilmer living west of here died Wednesday
after an illness of almost a year. She was laid to rest in the Eight Square cemetery by many sorrowing friends. To know her was to love her.

Orange, Margaret Mrs. - Per the Chesterton Tribune, Porter Co., IN - December 13, 1888 - Died December 6, 1888
at the age of 52 years 11 months. Born Jan 2, 1836 daughter of Jessie and Nancy McCord -
widow of Thomas Orange who died in 1864. -Thomas enlisted 4 Feb 1864 into Co., H 9th Infantry Reg. at Jackson Centre, Indiana.
He died 4 November 1864 and was buried in New Albany National Cemetery on 10 Nov 1864.
They had 4 children: Julia, Jesse (m), Mary(?) and Augusta.

Owen Skilly - Burdick. Owen Skilly, oldest son of Mrs. Skilly of Otis, died Sunday of typhoid fever.
The funeral was held Tuesday from the Eight Square church. He leaves a mother and brother to mourn his loss.
SOURCE: The Chesterton Tribune - Chesterton, Porter County, Indiana; February 25, 1899; Volume 15, Number 46, Page 5, Column 3
NOTE: (Not absolutely certain that he is buried in Eight Square Cemetery.)

David Soper, a well know resident of Burdick, died at his home in Burdick, Aug. 21, of consumption.
The funeral was held on the the 23rd inst., and the remains buried in Eight Square cemetery, in Jackson township.
SOURCE: The Tribune - Chesterton, Porter County, Indiana; August 26, 1892; Volume 9, Number 20, Page 1, Column 4

R. G. Boone - Otis Items. R. G. Boone, a farmer living on the old Frame farm, died Sunday morning at the residence of his son in Chicago.
SOURCE: Porter County Vidette - Valparaiso, Porter County, Indiana; August 7, 1874; Volume 18, Number 32, Page 3, Column 3

Boone - Jackson Township Items. The funeral of a Miss Cotton occurred a few days snce.
She was a promising young lady; had just received a teacher's license.
A post mortem examination was had in her case. Disease ulceration of the bowels.
SOURCE: Porter County Vidette - Valparaiso, Porter County, Indiana; July 27, 1876; Volume 20, Number 30, Page 3, Column 5
(NOTE: Not absolutely certain that she is buried in Eight Square Cemetery. )

Dr. John M. Goodwin - BURDICK, Ind. -- Dr. John M. Goodwin died at his home at a quarter past 12 o'clock M., Saturday.
Dr. John M. Goodwin was one of the oldest physicians in Porter county, and was born in Tompkins county, New York, June 12, 1812.
His parents were Richard and Prudence (Hollister) Goodwin, and his ancestors lived in the early days of this country.
His father was a Methodist minister for fifty years, and his mother a survivor of the Wyoming massacres.
He began the study of medicine at eighteen years of age and graduated from Geneva Medical College in 1836.
He then managed his home affairs until 1842, when he moved to Aurora, Ill. Here he practiced medicine four years and
then returned to New York and practiced until 1856. Then he came to Porter county where he has since lived and practiced.
He was married August 25, 1841, to Sarah Biggs, and his wife and four children are left to mourn his loss.
Louisa, now Mrs. H. E. Kilmer, William, Clayton, and Elizabeth, now Mrs. M. Frame.
Four generations of descendents mourn his loss, besides the entire community and neighbors far and near.
With a helping hand for all his services as a doctor were often given. For the last few years he has been failing very fast
but always looking on the bright side a life few thought him to be so poorly. He was 80 years, 4 months and 10 days old.
The most sincere and heartfelt sympathy of the entire communitynis with the bereaved family.
SOURCE: The Tribune - Chesterton, Porter County, Indiana; October 28, 1892; Volume 9, Number 29, Page 8, Column 6
  TALK OF THE TOWN - Dr. John N. Goodwin died at his home near Otis yesterday.
He had practiced in this county for the past thirty-eight years. His funeral occurred Monday, Rev. Virden officiating.
SOURCE: The Tribune - Chesterton, Porter County, Indiana; October 28, 1892; Volume 9, Number 29, Page 5, Column 3

From the files of Juliane Burbach researching the Frame, Goodman and Kolhammer families. Mary E. Harman, her maiden name is Dunham,
her husband was Elias Reynolds Harman, both from Sugar Creek, Greene County, Ohio.
I haven't found his grave site yet. The ( Mary ) Emma Frame, ( husband Lyman Blair Frame ) also buried there,
is the daughter of Elias Reynolds Harman and Mary Elizabeth Dunham Harman. The family resided in Otis,Durham, LaPorte County
after arriving by 1870, left Ohio after 1860. All their children were married in LaPorte.

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