Greenwood Cemetery

Michigan Township
153 Tilden Avenue
Phone (219) 873-1521
La Porte County, Indiana

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Important Note: - Please note that when this cemetery was read and indexed for the above book,
there was an error made and some of the burials listed were in Saint Stanislaus Cemetery across the street from Greenwood.
As of April 10, 2008, I am trying to list the ones that I am aware of. There are probably many more.

Original On - Line Listing from books and donated information.

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Partial Burial listing by Section
Our Alphabetical listing organized into sections by Tara Anderson

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U V --- --- --- --- Lutz Vault County
Praying Hand Circle Vet All Wars Circle World War I Circle World War II Circle Babyland Area Calvary Cemetery Islamic Cemetery Sinai Cemetery


Donated Burial Listings & Obituaries     


Thank you from this transcriber, Deanna West, to Mark Tomsheck, Superintendent of Greenwood Cemetery and Janet Tomsheck for their patience and information.
Russell Hapke, MA archaeologist and myself, Deanna West, Greenwood Cemetery historian, will be transcribing earlier and later burials as they become available.

Additional Credits and thank you's mentioned in the:
INDEX GREENWOOD CEMETERY Burial Books 1873 - 1950 - to those who donated their time in transcribing, typing and proofreading the two volumes of burials were:
Cheri Babbitt Jones, Janet Czizek Dolson, Nancy Nichols Irk, Sally Lundmark Janowski, Monica Zeese Nowatzke, Carun Tolchinsky Glossinger, Leona Schmock Minke.
With thanks also to the Reference Department staff of the Michigan City Public Library, LaPorte County Health Department's Lavelda Faull and Bernard Burns,
Superintendent of Greenwood Cemetery (1988) and Marvella Baines and Mary Frances Mitchell.
File Donations Thank you to all those who are helping us extend our Greenwood Cemetery information by donating their family biographies,
obituaries and burial information. If anyone has information on the re-burials from the "Old City Cemetery of Michigan City" or would like to donate obituaries
for burials at Greenwood cemetery, please contact me at:

Please remember, I am doing this on a volunteer basis. It's going to take a very long time to get the almost 40,000 burials for Greenwood Cemetery into the system. Deanna West

Source #1:Volume 1. A - M and Volume 2. N - Z Compiled by: Gertrude Davison Flotow (Jackie), compiler, May 1988 -
INDEX GREENWOOD CEMETERY Burial Books 1873 - 1950 Greenwood Cemetery Burial Books and Records on file at the Michigan City Library.
Two Burial Volumes were entered before Summer of 2002
Source #2: Greenwood Burial Books 1981 to 2000
Source #3: Donated obituaries and burial information from on-line viewers. -
Source #4: Some burials between 1950 up to 1981 are available on the computerized listings above.

History of Greenwood Cemetery:

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