Kingsbury Cemetery

CR500S west of US 35 in Kingsbury.
La Porte County Indiana
Washington Township

Kingsbury North Drive

North Drive for Kingsbury Cemetery

Updated on April 16, 2015 - Listing, maps and veteran list for Kingsbury Cemetery!!!

Please note above photo with sign placed on site by the La Porte County Pioneer Cemetery Commission. Also shows cemetery established 1836.

 Information entered from various records: Old Archaic listings, Cemetery Sexton Records and obituaries. If you have additional information, please contact Deanna at - The current contact for the Kingsbury Cemetery Association is Lloyd Mounce -- home phone 219-362-4755. 
Lloyd states that sections 1 through 9 are not available for burial sales. But Lots in the new McCormick section (10 & 13) are available.

Our deepest gratitude to Lloyd and Shirley Mounce for helping us update the burial records for Kingsbury Cemetery in the Spring of 2011 though 2013. To get an idea of general burial areas, check out the simplified map attached to this page.

A Cemetery within a Cemetery ...... Winchell Cemetery was established in 1835 and was moved to Kingsbury Cemetery to allow building acreage for the Kingsbury Ordnance Plant (in 1941) at the beginning of World War II).  Many of the graves moved were unmarked but in accordance with the map of Winchell many of the graves and their headstones were moved behind the church where Kingsbury Cemetery is located. Also there were several headstones that were unmarked or weathered past the point of recognition.  

Kingsbury Obituary Index and Obituaries for many of the deceased buied here can be found in our Obituary Files.

Burials at Kingsbury Cemetery

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Basic Kingsbury Cemetery Overview Map

Map with Sections and Plots

Lloyd Mounce with Large Map behind shedKingsbury Cemetery - Random Photos 
Winchell Cemetery Burials moved to  Kingsbury

Souty Drive

South Drive of Kingsbury Cemetery

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