Mission Statement, Achievements and Goals


This Internet site is to connect LaPorte County Pioneer Cemeteries which is part of the INPCRP (Indiana Pioneer Cemeteries Restoration Project) informational pages to the World Wide Web. We are sharing histories and knowledge about the LaPorte County Cemeteries and the diverse families that lived and died here.

Present Achievements:

  1. Input older LaPorte County Cemetery listings on line for those seeking their predecessors. In so doing, we allow the reader to reply and add to or correct these older listings.
  2. Place an open invitation for those wishing to join our efforts in reading cemeteries and inputting information on to the Internet on appropriate pages.
  3. Link to sites that have information or listings about LaPorte County Histories and Cemeteries that have been done by an individual or as a group effort.
  4. Biography Pages: Receive and publish, on the World Wide Web, donated stories and histories from viewers. Share with on line viewers, including the LaPorte County and Cemetery Historians, the most current information.
  5. Implement a guest book on site for those wishing to comment and make positive suggestions about how we may improve our site.
  6. Biweekly - update a news page about Cemetery events, tours, public meetings and news articles on site titled "Cemetery News".
  7. List INPCRP - "LaPorte County Volunteers" and cemetery projects they are working on at present.
  8. Offer a thank you page titled "Donations" to those that are currently making material and informational donations to better our site.
  9. Link to the INPCRP for activities and helpful information being offered by the Indiana Pioneer Cemetery Restoration Project.

Future Goals:

  1. Add each "NEW" cemetery listing as it is read and presented to the LaPorte INPCRP: And list on that individual cemetery page the LaPorte County Cemetery Volunteer Historian(s), that read, mapped and logged it for a perpetual history. This will be the primary page the viewer goes to for that cemetery.
  2. Link from the individual "new" cemetery listing on line to the "older" listing that was previously placed on line. This will assure us that even though nature or vandalism might have taken their toll on some of the burial sites, the individuals buried there will still be on a visible record.
  3. Link to future sites coming on to the Internet as public awareness grows for our county.
  4. Continue with the efforts 1 through 9 in Achievements listed above.

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