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Cemetery Photo - click for larger image

Contact information - La Porte County Cemeteries. If you have any information that you would like to donate on this cemetery or the families that lived in this area, please contact Pat VanDierendonck pvandieren@gmail.com - or - Carolyn A. Hunt at cahunt@frontier.com.

1. Use the alphabetical listings to find your ancestor and/or your newly departed loved one.
2. Note section, lot and burial number from alphabetical list and then use the "Burials by Section" listings to find out  who they are buried next to.
3. Use the maps provided to located their grave(s).

Surnames arranged alphabetically and divided by Old Section and newer - GFA (Golda Fuller Addition)

Oldest to Current Burials (2015) -  Arranged Alphabetically
Old SectionA to BC to DE to HI to LM to OP to ST to Z
GFAA to CD to GH to KL to OP to RS to TU to Z

Burials by Section, Lot and Grave (Oldest burials up to 2013)
Old Section 1
1 to 150
Old Section
150 and higher with 
additional #'s & letters
Golda Fuller Section
1 to 100
Golda Fuller Section
101 and higher

Cemetery Photos

Oak Grove History
Restoring Cemetery - Photos from October 24, 2001 Tornado
Oak Grove Obituaries
LaPorte County Cemeteries Page
Map - Old South Section  Added to site on July 1, 2014
Map - Golda Fuller Addition Added to site on July 1, 2014

Oak Grove Cemetery Map
Cemetery Map - click for larger image

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