Donated Burials for Pine Lake Cemetery

Center Township
La Porte County, Indiana

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Heritage sign
Cemetery Heritage sign
Photo taken by Denise Asmus Reid
Sunnyside burial area
Sunnyside Burial area
Photo taken by Denise Asmus Reid

Surnames buried through out Pine Lake Cemetery  

Amber burials -
10 Jul 1931 Mrs. Clara Amber was buried in Lot 7
11 Jul 1931 John Amber, who had been buried originally in the Woods Edge section 28 May 1928 was moved to Lot 7
09 Feb 1952 Elizabeth Amber was buried in Lot 7
05 Nov 1952 Paul B. Amber was buried in Lot 7
There is record of an Anthony Paul Amber on Woods Edge, buried 18 Nov 1922. I do not find a record of him having been moved to Lot 7
but you might want to check further with the office at Pine Lake Cemetery about this (219/362-2017). This may be the Anthony Paul of your interest and maybe not connected with the others???
There is also a record of Paul W .Amber buried 27 Aug 1979, Lot 116, Sunnyside section.
Contributed by Fern Eddy Schultz, La Porte County (IN) Historian, in reference to a researcher looking for this family

Della E. Wellwood Amor, 1884-1963 William E. Amor, 1879-1953
Eva Adella (Della) is the daughter of Ephraim & Lucinda Wellwood
buried also at Pine Lake Cemetery, LaPorte, IN

Astroth - Paul Astroth - d. 28 Dec 1951 born Greencastel 17 Oct 1883 and wed Gaynella Welch on 15 June 1929 in Valparaiso.

Athans, Alice Athans Mrs. born Algian, Greece 28 Apr 1892 - d. 20 Nov 1969
Husband John preceded her in death in 1951

Avery, Albert T- d. 13 May 1967 - from News Palladium (Benton Harbor, MI) husband of Alice Wells who was married 16 Jan 1937 in Coloma, MI

BARDEN Amos Wesley, was born 1861, died 1926. He was buried 14 Jan 1926 in Grave 7, Lot 105 in the section in the cemetery called The Oaks..
At the foot of his grave are twins and their surname appears to be either GEBEATH or GILBREATH. There is no date for their burial.
Florence C., wife of Amos W., was born 1869, died 1943. She was buried 06 Aug 1943 in Grave 6.
Baby Beulah Marie is buried at the foot of Grave 5 and was buried 25 March 1931. Burial also in this grave and is probably the baby's Mother--Mrs. Maurice BARDEN (and in parenthesis--Lillian). She was buried the same date as the baby. Records show the following for her: July 22, 1911 - Mar 22, 1931.
Orville was buried 05 Feb 1973 in Grave 3.
Nina was buried 13 Mar 1971 in Grave 4.
donated by Fern Eddy Schultz

Edward 26 North lawn Grave 7 (husband of Shirley)
contributed by: Bonnie Dagen

Bradley, Jacqueline Ann - (born - Winslow) buried on Friday, July 15th with her husband George K. Bradley at Pine Lake Cemetery, Laporte, IN. Jacqueline was born 11/10/1943 and deceased February 3, 2005. - Informant for this site was Jeri Bartush-Pirtle

Brown, John - Tombstone "John Brown died Feb. 16, 1867 aged 84 years & 5 months" Sarah Brown, wife of John Brown, died June 22, 1842 aged 18 years 2 mns and 18 days." On same stone with Dr. Loomis at Pine Lake.

Buell, John - age 88 - Ebert Undertaking Parlors in LaPorte handled the arrangements in d. in late Dec 1928

Burns Mrs. Seldon Burns (Bertha Edna DeLaMater) - age 66 yrs - she d. 2 Feb 1959 - born IA 6 Jun 1892 to Ryan and Jane (Clemans) DeLaMater wed 15 June 1952 to Seldon Burns
Burns, Jerry Seldon Burns - age 67 yrs - Husband to Bertha DeLaMater - born 30 July 1892 in Kosciusko Co, IN to Robert G. and Margaret Alexander Burns. He was retired meat cutter.

Bronson, Ralph Homer - d. 8 April 1946 -

Manlius Y. Brown   Obituary for Manlius from the Michigan City Observer, May 30, 1891: Manlius Brown   
Manlius Y. Brown, an old and well known resident of this county, died Saturday morning at his home near Stillwell, aged 72 years. He was recently stricken with paralysis,which caused his death. It was in Mr. Brown's mill at Stillwell where Mr. W.V. Noland, who committed suicide at LaPorte Thursday afternoon, sold flour and misappropriated the money. Obit from the LaPorte Daily Herald, Saturday, 30 May, 1891 page 5 column 4 Died. Manlius Y. Brown died at 3 o'clock this morning. He was 72 years old and leaves three brothers and one sister. One brother, Miles Brown, lives in Montana. Dr. James Brown in California, and John Brown in Washington. Mrs. Virgina Loomis, his sister, resides at Hastings, Nebraska. A sister, Mary Ann Orton, died on the 20th of April last. His niece, Mrs. A. R. Jones of Madison Wisconsin and his nephew, Chas. M. Loomis, have been with him for the past week. The funeral services will be held at his house one mile north of Stillwell, Sunday at 2 p.m. Burial at Pine Lake Cemetery.
contributed by: Karyl Hubbard  at -
Brown, Mary Mrs. age 62 years sister to Opal Kimmel of Valparaiso. d, 13 June 1950 in LaPorte.

Carlson, Gus Sr. b. 21 Apr 1907 and d. February 1975
Eileen (Earl) Carlson b. 23 Oct 1908 and d. 16 Oct 1986 (wife of Gus)
Ellen Lindahl Carlson (1887- 11 Jan 1913) - wf of Peter J. Carlson

Celis - Josephine Celis (Fischer) Mrs. age 78 d. 29 Dec 1952 wf of Frank who died 9 years previous.

Chadderdon, Mrs. Edith (Wrasse) ; b. 12 Jul 1888 - wed Jay Chadderdon - obit appeared 24 Nov 1931.

Clark - John Schuyler born 4 Jan 1863 d. 3 June 1945

Deacon, N. W. Closser b. 13 Jan 1812 in Washington Co., PA - 20 June 1891
Nicholas W. Closser - Rebecca, wife Nicholas W. Closser
b. Jan. 12, 1812. b. 1810
d. June 22, 1891 d. 1881.
donated to this site by George Parker -

Conboy - Atty. Frank J. Conboy - age 80 years d. 4 Mar 1955 so John and Ellen Sullivan Conboy. he was b. Cicero, IL 18 Feb 1875 and wed Adeline Lee in Laporte
on 3 April 1913. She d. 1945
Conboy, Charles - age 75 yrs - obit 29 June 1955 born Chicago 1 Nov 1879 - he wed Ethel Lee 26 June 1907, Ethel d. Mar 1966.
Mrs. C. P (Ethel) Conboy - born 26 Jun 1907 dau of George D. and Aurella (Clark) Lee.

Coplin - Julia V. Potts Coplin - Mrs. Frank Coplin - age 67 yrs d. 18 Dec 1954 - - nee Julia Gonya born 5 Jan 1887 in Germany. m1. Bert Potts 1 Oct 1907 in Chicago
He d. 2 Mar 1940. M2. Franklin Coplin in Sacred Heart Church, 19 Jan 1946.

Joseph Cramer is my maternal Great Grandfather, his wife Margaret Glancy Cramer and one of their children, my Grandmother,
Josephine Leona Cramer Gruwell are buried in Pine Lake Cemetary .
Margaret Glancy Cramer was the daughter of
Thomas and Mary Glancy who are buried in the same section of Pine Lake Cemetary.
Unfortunately the family monument is made of sandstone and the name Glancy was wearing away even 35 years ago when I was a small child.
Information donated by: Jo DeGroot at

Curry, Clement (aka - Clem) - age 71 died 24 Jul 1974
his wife Venita died Feb 1982 she was b 18 Mar 1903

Evelyn 90 Dewberry Hill Grave 5
Flora E. 246 Cherry Hill
Florence 119 Cherry Hill Grave 3
Harry 119 Cherry Hill Grave 4
John 50 Waters Edge
Melvin 47 Waters Edge Grave 5
James W. 246 Cherry Hill
Lloyd J. Sr. 111 Northern Wood Grave 5
Onalee 111 Northern Wood Grave 4
Ray 191 Northern Wood Grave 4
Rebecca 47 Water Edge Grave 6
(nee Thompson; wife of Alanthus M. Curtis buried Potter)
contributed by: Bonnie Dagen

Davis - - Merton J. Davis age 67 yrs - d 10 Dec 1964

DONNELLY - Herndon W. DONNELLY is buried in grave 7, Lot #257 of the Old Northern Woods section at Pine Lake Cemetery. He was buried 24 May 1972. His Veterans Graves Registration Form shows his residence as 508 Detroit Street, La Porte; next of kin, daughter Mrs. Linda KIESMAN, La Porte; born Sept. 8, 1916 at Logan County, Kentucky.
  His date of death was May 22, 1972 and cause was illness. He served in the U. S. Army, Medical Detachment, WWII and his rank was Pfc. He enlisted Dec. 15, 1942 and was discharged Nov. 22, 1946.
  His obituary was purblished in the La Porte HERALD-ARGUS. It reports his deah at Pine Lake Division Hospital at 8:33 a.m. and that he had been ill for nine years. Cuter Funeral Home was in charge of the burial and Rev. Robert J. Burgbacher officiated. His parents were Arthur and Florence (BAGBY) Williams DONNELLY. He came to La Porte from Chicago and lived in La Porte for 25 years. He had been a mortician in Michigan for 15 years. In La Porte, he worked at Modine Mfg. Co. (on Brighton Street). He was a member of the First Baptist Church and Post #83 of the American Legion. Three daughters survived: Mrs. Linda KIESMAN, La Porte; Mrs. Sandra GREENWALT, San Diego, CA; and Miss Cynthia K. DONNELLY, at home; one son, Craig DONNELLY, Griffith, IN. Also surviving were his mother and one sister, Mrs. Neil HARMSEN, Chicago. On his grave are two (2) veteran markers: one is an upright marker and the other is a flat bronze marker in the ground. Buried in grave 6 is Edna Louise DONNELLY. She was buried 08 Aug 1951. Haverstock Funeral Home was in charge. There are no open graves on this lot and no other DONNELLY is buried here. Information donated by: Fern Eddy Schultz, La Porte County (IN) Historian ,   President, The Pine Lake Cemetery Assn.
     Cynthia Donnelly-Watson states - Edna was Dad's little sister. The family called her Louise. She died, as I was told, from TB. My father was not a mortician. I don't know why the family insisted on saying that. When he met my mother, he was driving a bread truck and later drove ambulance and furniture truck for Connelly Funeral Home in Cassopolis, MI. Connelly also owned the furniture store in town. The Modine part is right though. Anyway, I was going to do a short biography so I will fill in the missing and erroneous blanks my family insisted on. Gram's name of Williams was from her second marriage to Robert E. Williams Sr as Arthur Donnelly died in the flu epidemic of 1918 down in Russellville, KY, She is also the mother of another veteran there at Pine Lake, Robert E. Williams JR. from that second marriage.

Dude, Frank G age 50 years former Grocer - funeral held 26 Mar 1951- He was a native of Wanatah and a Veteran of WWI

Esslinger - Lewis Sidney Esslinger - born Erle, IL on 30 Nov 1895 and obit appeared 21 Mar 1946. Husband of Helen Weinrich who he wed in Valparaiso 16 Apr 1917.

Evon - Nick Evon - age 47 yrs -heart ailment. obit appeared 4 Apr 1956 - born Romania 15 August 1908 he wed Berniece Walteraitis at LaPorte 18 June 1949.

Clifford R. (Coot) Freese - b 30 Jun 1915 in Starke Co., IN - obit appeared The LaPorte Herald Argus, 12 Dec 1974.

Friend - Jonas Cornish Friend - d. 7 Oct 1931 he was b. 1 Apr 1853 in Rensselaer, IN son of Charles and Mary (Cornish) Friend;
wed 29 Dec 1875 to Clementine Blachley in Valparaiso.
Friend, William Friend - age 84 d. 30 June 1939
Friend, Clementine Delphiny Blachly Mrs. - d 88 yrs old - born 7 Dec 1857 -dau of Boyd and Catherine Blachly obit appeared 10 June 1946

Frohne - Rev. Victor P. Frohne - b. 3 Feb 1901 in Rockport, IN - widow Rosina Souther d. 23 Feb 1976

Gerhart - George William Gerhart - b. 25 Jun 1894 in Kokomo m. Josephine Chiabowsky 20 Apr 1937 He was a veteran. - d. 13 Aug 1941 at Hines Hospital, Chicago.

Gesse - Walter Gesse 1925-2007

Gray, Hamon - Lieutenant Hamon Gray - killed in action in France bur. 16 January 1921 with full military honors.

Grimes - Mrs. Emma Grimes, sister of Dr. J. A. Ryan of Valparaiso, she was born 10 Sep 1866 in St. Joseph Co., IN & she died at the Ruth Sabin Home, 17 Nov 1932

Gruell - Josephine Leona (Cramer) Gruwell, born May 24, 1903 and died November 17, 1960
contributed by Jo DeGroot at

Gulledge, Evelyn (Nightlinger) Mrs. d. 7 May 1970 age 60 years

Hands, Rose Hands - b. 6 April 1884 in Chicago her husband Frank d.25 Dec 1947 she d. 20 June 1970. A dau. Mrs. Florence Alice Robinson preceded her in death, 22 Mar 1963.

Handley - Lottie M. Handley age 76 yrs - Brackvill, Chambersburg, PA - 23 Mar 1889. d. 1 Jun 1965

Hannon - David Paul Hannon - age 67 yrs obit appeared 26 July 1957 nee 11 Sep 1889 so David Garlan and Jane Conlon Hannon.
Wed Florence Warnke 21 June 1921 in LaPorte she d. 16 Jan 2001 and she was born 31 Mar 1899

HARDING - Information donated by Tom Carothers

HARDING, John HARDING, John - b. 11 Jul 1807 d. 22 Apr 1884
DATA:  Son of Amos & Phoebe (TRIPP) HARDING

HARDING, Elvira D. (DUNHAM) - b. 6 Aug 1812 d. 5 Jul 1898
DATA: Wife of John HARDING
HARDING, Martha J. - b. 24 May 1858 d. 23 May 1880
DATA: Daughter of John & Elvira (DUNHAM) HARDING

HARDING, Lucius T. (HARDING, Lucius Tripp) - b. 29 Jan 1834 d. 5 Aug 1907
DATA: Son of John & Elvira (DUNHAM) HARDING

HARDING, Sarah A. (BAKER) - b. 1835 d. 1902
DATA: Wife of Lucius Tripp HARDING

HARDING, Hugh G. - b. 1864 d. 1948
DATA: Son of Lucius Tripp & Sarah Ann (BAKER) HARDING

HARDING, Mary H. - b. 1872 d. 1965
DATA: Wife of Hugh G. HARDING

HARDING, Solomon E. - b. 8 Sep 1843 d. 20 Sep 1863
DATA: Son of John & Elvira (DUNHAM) HARDING Died at battle of Chickamauga, Georgia in the Civil War

Harman, Fred - b. 12 Feb 1882 in New Buffalo, MI and funeral held 15 Aug 1951.

Helt, Lena (Hammel), d. 8 Apr 1941 age 81 - m1. Charles Schaffer he d. 31 Jan 1907 - age 49
  m2. William Helt He d. abt 1929

Henoch - Attorney Leonard Ralph HENOCH was born 25 August 1891 and died 05 May 1943.

Hixen, Arthur Hixen - - burial Jul 1931

Hubner - August Hubner - was buried in Pine Lake Cemetery, 08 August 1918, Lot 108, Dewberry Hill.
Augusta Hubner was buried in Pine Lake Cemetery, 12 February 1936, Lot 108, Dewberry Hill.
Miscellaneous cemetery lists show August having been born in 1840 and Augusta in 1848.
Fern Eddy Schultz, President, The Pine Lake Cemetery Assn.

Jamison, Dora Mae Mrs. - age 65 b. 7 May 1882 - d. 13 Feb 1948 - husband Elmer E. whom she married in Teagarden, IN 25 May 1905 - he d. 10 Mar 1943

Japhet - James T. Japhet - b. 23 May 1924 in Chicago, IL - d. 10 Mar 1969 - he m. Irene Czarcinski 11 Oct 1947. She d. 18 Nov 1966.

Johnston, Elizabeth, Mrs. Truman L. b. 21 Feb 1904 in Chicago, IL - d. 20 Jan 1961

Keeler Fred Keeler - age 77 yrs d. 3 Feb 1940

Anna Stasia 50 Wood Edge Grave 7
Anna May 11 Chapel Hill Grave 3
Daniel W. 253 Northern Wood Grave 1
Donald Sec V Block A St. Peters Grave 12
Edmund 74 Northern Wood Grave 3 (husband of Lillian)
Ernestine 496 Dewberry Hill Grave 3
George 55 West Lawn Grave 4
Harry H. 11 Chapel Hill Grave 2 - Infant County?
Leon 16A Northern Wood Grave 7
Lillian 74 Northern Wood Grave 4
Marie St. Peters Grave 13
Mary 55 West Lawn Grave 3 (widow of George)
Mary G. 252 Northern Wood Grave 7
Maxine 164 The Forrest Grave 2
Warren H. 11 Chapel Hill Grave 4 (ashes moved to grave 7 on 4-13-1979 as per instruction of Marie Keller, widow)
Gladys 16A Northern Wood Grave 6
Marie 11 Chapel Hill Grave 6
contributed by: Bonnie Dagen

Kleebank - Martha Kleebank - age 59 obit appeared 11 Mar 1940.

Koch, Norman Koch - b. 9 August 1912 in LaPorte, IN - Funeral held 19 July 1960
William P. Koch; born Baltimore, MD 12 Oct 1855 obit appeared 12 Oct 1931

Lee - Mrs. George D. Lee - nee America Aurelia Clark dau. of George and Adeline Clark was b. Clinton twp, Laporte 18 Sep 1849 - d. 10 Apr 1936
she was a teacher in both the Wanatah and LaPorte schools. on 11 Sep 1878 she wed George D. Lee - he d. 16 Dec 1932

Gustaf (1859-1919)
Anna, Wife of Gustaf (1856-1924)
Alfred (1861-1930)
Elsie, wife of Alfred (1867-1946)

DEATH OF DR. J. LOOMIS- - Dr. J. Loomis, of this city, breathed his last at a quarter past one o’clock, on Saturday, the 15th inst., aged 62 years. He was born July 23, 1815, in Clark co., Ohio and moved with the father’s family to Laporte county, Indiana., in 1831. On account of poor health he was not permitted to work on the farm and n 1844 he commenced the study of medicine. He was married in 1847 to Miss Virginia Brown, daughter of the late Gen. John Brown, of Laporte, and resided in Logansport, Ind. Moved to Niles in 1849 where he soon worked up a good practice and made many friends. He built the house where he lately resided in 1853. He practiced altogether for 25 years, with much success, when he was taken with a shock of palsy and for the past twelve years he has been an invalid and a great sufferer. At times his agony was most excruciating and we have been with him many times during his long years of suffering, and he would often pray to be delivered by death. Dr. Loomis was a generous and kind-hearted man, going night and day to the dwellings of the poor, without hope of reward. His hosts of friends have sympathized with him in his sufferings and grieve at this departure. He leaves a wife and three children. His remains were accompanied to Laporte by his family and many friends, on Tuesday last, to the family burying ground. The family desires us to return their sincere thanks to their neighbors and friend for the kindness shown them during his illness and final dissolution. - From the Niles Mirror, Wednesday Sept 19 1877 page 3 - contributed to this site by:  Loomis obits contributed by: Karyl Hubbard  at -

Virginia Loomis.   She's in the Brown family plot at Pine Lake:    From the Hastings (Nebraska) Republican, March 23, 1900: DEATH OF MRS LOOMIS Mrs. Virginia Loomis, aged 76, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. E.A. Reed,(sic. should be E.H.) at 11 o'clock Saturday night, March 17, 1900. Mrs Loomis, by reason of her advanced age, has been in feeble health for years, but her death was more directly due to a fall a few months since in which she sustained injuries that proved serious. She was a grand old lady, beloved by all who knew her. The funeral conducted by Rev. Cloyd, pastor of the Baptist church, took place from the family residence at 11 o'clock this morning. The body was shipped east and will be interred at LaPorte, Indiana. General sympathy is expressed for the family. This makes the second death that has occurred in this home within a week. Mr. & Mrs. Reed buried their eldest son last Tuesday. On Same stone with John Brown marker. See above.

Maertz, Erwin, - b. Germany 7 Nov 1870 - 82 years old - he married Alta Vader 22 Oct 1897 he d. abt 17 Mar 1953.

Marhoffer - Mrs. Mary Marhoffer - age 76 yrs obit appeared 31 Jan 1952 - born Veszgrim, Hungry, 8 Sep 1875 to Mr. & Mrs. A. Vargo. She arrived in the US in 1910.
Wed Andrew Marhoffer 9 May 1895
Andrew Marhogger - age 85 yrs - husband of Mary Vargo. Obit appeared 9 Apr 1956

Marshall - Leland Marshall age 73 d. 16 Oct 1974 at LaPorte hospital.

Mathews, Asa H - Civil War Veteran - d. April 1862 - achieved the rank of 1st Lieut./Reb Qtrmaster 29th Indiana Regiment gov't stone ordered Aug 21, 1888.

Maulbatch - Mrs. Eva Maulbatch - age 64 - d 22 Sep 1947 born 26 Apr 1883 - dau. of John and Carrie Kyes of Valparaiso. She wed Fred Maulbatch in 1905 in Valparaiso.
he died in 1943.

McElroy - John C. McElroy - age 73 yrs - obit appeared 23 Jul 1931 - born KY 9 Nov 1857 wife d. 20 Apr 1931

McKee - Amos H. McKee - b. 3 Apr 1888 in Tilton, KY he d. 28 Dec 1977 - - His first wf the former Lois Grindle d. in 1948 - His second wife the former Winnie Rohr died 1959

McPherson, Clifford (Scotty) age 67 b. 17 Jan 1900 - funeral was 10 June 1967 he had m. Lucille Sandvick 10 Mar 1945 in Kendalville, IN.

McQuiston- Nellie M. McQuiston - b Porter Co., IN 8 Oct 1868 David and Emily (Bull) Hughart . d. 7 Nov 1942;
she had m. Elbridge McQuiston on 14 Sep 1886. He d. Oct 1936
McQuiston - Josephus McQuiston - age 78 yrs died 21 Mar 1950 - born 5 Aug 1871 in Valparaiso,IN - he wed Ella Hughart 25 Dec 1890, she d. 21 Aug 1948.

Miller - Charles Miller age 72 obit appeared Logansport newspaper 4 August 1937. He had been a patient at the Logansport state hospital for several years.
Joseph Miller, died 5 July 1937 age 59 yrs

Ruben H. MUNDAY died 09 Feb 1889
Ellen (WEIR) MUNDAY died 16 Mar 1881
Harrison M. MUNDAY died 10 Jun 1914
Sally Ann (MUNDAY) AYERS was buried 18 Aug 1924
Elvira/Ella Eliza (MUNDAY) VIETS was buried 30 Aug 1908 (She had one daughter named Bessie)
John W. MUNDAY was married to Flora (Nonie) G. BAILEY - her burial 18 Nov 1918
Note - John remarried 2 1/2 years after his wife's death at the age of 74. He died in Chicago in 1924.

Nation - John Burr  Nation 1858 to 1938 - is buried in Pine Lake Cemetery near his parents (Robert & Julia Nation) 
Robert born New York state 1834 died 1895 & Julia 1836 to 1913

Nelson, Clark A. - d. March 1942 age 63

Norris - Alfred Norris age 73, died 3 Jan 1949 - former LaPorte Mayor

Nye - Hon. Mortimer Nye bur. 9 Jul 1901 in family burial lot

Osborn, - Frank E. Osborn - b. in Porter County, IN near Wanatah on 17 Sep 1857 to Jason and Eliza C. Osborn - d. 5 Aug 1930.
He mar. Elizabeth E. Clark of Union Mills in 1881.

Pahrman - Mrs. William H Pahrman - Fern V. - age 65 yrs d 20 Jan 1962 - born 14 Mar 1896 at Round Lake, IN dau of Jacob and Cornelia
(Short) Reeg wed on 25 Dec 1919 to William Pahrman who d. in 1941

Parker (some of the burials with this surname) contributed by George and Betty Parker at
Willitts Parker; Nov 9, 1836; Jan. 14, 1887
Clark R. Parker, 1873 - Feb. 1, 1929
Grace E. Parker wife of Clark R., 1870-Feb. 5, 1956
Frank W. Parker , Aug 17, 1875; Feb. 27, 1955
Hazel W. Parker, 1900 - 1903
Susan Jean Parker, Daughter John & Helen; Jan 3, 1944; Aug 18, 1946
Allen Parker, son of Frank W. & Maxine; Oct. 27, 1944; July 4, 1952

Parkhouse - Richard Parkhouse - age 36 yrs b. 18 Nov 1929 - obit appeared 10 July 1966 - wed 30 June 1951 to Martha Vance of Peru IN.

Rauen - Michael J. Rauen, age 58 yrs - d. 6 June 1933 - b. 20 Dec 1874 in Illinois. On 6 Sep 1905 m. Henrietta Horning of Wanatah.
Miss Helen Rauen - age 27 yrs b 27 Apr 1912 in LaCrosse, IN obit appeared 7 Aug 1939

Rechenberg - Miss Anna Rechenberg - d 17 Aug 1934 - dau. of Ernest Rechanberg. Anna was b. in Kottbus, Germany

REEBS Henry C. was born 1886 and died 1926. He was buried 10 May 1926 in Grave 1.
Elmena, wife of Henry C. was born 1887 and died 1942. She was buried 15 Jun 1942 in Grave 2. (alos see BARDEN for more information
donated by Fern Eddy Schultz

Robinson, Edwin Robinson A.- b. 24 July 1903 Chicago, IL - 7 Dec 1972 in Stevensville, MI. He m. Marie Stark on 6 Mar 1965 in Danville, IL

Runyan Mrs. Belle Runyan - age 97 obit appeared 6 Apr 1964

Sawyer - Mrs. Eleanor G. Sawyer age 62 b. Brussels, WI 1 Jan 1909 - m. James Sawyer in Bryan, OH 20 Oct 1945 d. 13 Aug 1971
She was a member of Eastern Star.

Schneck, Bertha Mrs. wf of L. C.Schneck - she was age 69 d. 13 Jan 1943

Schoenbesk, Albert - obit appeared 12 May 1940

Shadel - B. Frank Shadel - d. 19 Nov 1948. he was born in Leiters, Ford. 16 Mar 1885 and wed Anna Tyler 11 Sept 1907 in Rochester.

Sharp - Gibson T. Sharp age 42 - died from automobile accident near Winamac on 10 Aug 1933 - b. 17 Sept 1890 in Union Co., TN
He m. Lucille Sterns 20 Nov 1916 in LaPorte.

Smith, - Mrs. Ralph N. nee Olive A. McBride - born Millsburg, IN - obit appeared 18 Sept 1945 husband died end of Oct 1935.

Solmos - Mrs. Louis Solmos - age 80 yrs. - obit appeared 3 Apr 1947

Stenske, Gotlieb Stenske - b. Russia 1 Dec 1884 arrived in USa 1905 - d. 9 Mar 1960 wife Anna, at that time, survived him.
Anna Stenske - b. 14 Nov 1885 in Russia - d. 5 July 1965

STILSON  - Information donated by Tom Carothers

STILSON, Seymour J. b. 1839 d. 19 Oct 1917
DATA: Son of Charles Adison & Rosanna STILLSON
STILSON, Sarah E. (HARDING) - b. 22 Jun 1849 d. 26 Sep 1928
DATA: Wife of Seymour J. STILSON & daughter of John & Elvira (DUNHAM) HARDING
STILSON, Thomas E. (STILSON, Thomas Earl) - b. 1891 d. 1 Feb 1907
DATA: Son of Seymour Jacob & Sarah Elvira (HARDING) STILSON

Sucher, Laverge Mrs. - b 21 Mar 1911 in Butler,IN - d. 12 Nov 1972

Swanson, Bengt Swanson - b. Sweden, 17 Sep 1885 - m. Ida Johananson in 1908 he d. 23 May 1964 - burial 26 May 1964

Mary 27 Northern Wood Grave 5
contributed by: Bonnie Dagen

Ella Warner - burial date was 11 Nov 1908. (Died La Porte, Nov 8, 1908 at age 42 years) - She is buried on Lot 415 of the section called Maple Hill.
Also a Miss Jessie Warner buried on the same lot. She died 28 August 1906.
Contributed by Fern Eddy Schultz, La Porte County (IN) Historian, in reference to a researcher looking for this family

Warwick - Joseph Warwick - b. 22 Aug 1894 in LaPorte, IN d. 26 July 1976

Wassman - Anna (Shooter) Wassman d. 12 July 1937 - born 18 June 1892 - dau. of Frank & Catherine Shooter, she was the wife of Anthony Wassman.

Weidner, Maire Anna (Helfen)- born on or abt 27 Jun 1854, Bavaria, Germany and d. 8 Nov 1921


Ephraim Wellwood, 1841-1933,
Union Civil War Veteran
Husband of Lucinda P. Starr Wellwood
Father of Royal A. Wellwood and Della Wellwood Amor
Pine Lake Cemetery, LaPorte, IN

Lucinda P. Starr Wellwood, 1847-1922
Wife of Ephraim Wellwood
Mother of Royal A. Wellwood and Della Wellwood Amor
Pine Lake Cemetery, LaPorte, IN

Royal A. Wellwood, 1887-1918,
died in the Spanish Influenza epidemic
Son of Ephraim & Lucinda Starr Wellwood,
Husband of Frances Dysard Wellwood
Pine Lake Cemetery, LaPorte, IN

Wheeler - Elizabeth (McINTYRE) WHEELER was buried in the Old La Porte City Cemetery. Her stone is in the Old Enclosure at Pine Lake Cemetery. She was moved there when the old cemetery closed. She was the sister of Marshall McINTYRE and was the first wife of Philander WHEELER. She died in 1857. Elizabeth KRELLAR was his second wife; married 24 Feb 1858.

White, Ambrose Porter - he b. Scipio Twp 2 Dec 1847 & d Chicago, IL 9 Sept 1916
White, Mary M. Pierce b. 21 Jun 1844 at Hamilton, Ontario married 18 Oct 1866 at Waterford, IN. to Ambrose Porter White,. died in Chicago, IL on 28 Aug 1908 They had seven children.

Woodard - Harry F. Woodard age 34 born 25 Jun 1897 in Valparaiso - obit appeared 3 Mar 1932 - He wed Laura Schmidt - 5 Sep 1917 in LaPorte.

Wright, - Name: John L. Wright - Death Date: 15 Dec 1937 Death Place: Chicago, Cook, Illinois Gender: Male Age: 67 Birth Date: 03 Sep 1870 Birthplace: Nashville, Tenn. Occupation: Real Estate Residence: Chicago, Cook, Illinois Spouse: Daisy Hammond Burial Date: 18 Dec 1937 Burial Place: LaPorte, LaPorte, Ind. Cemetery: Pine Lake - contributor - Brenda at

Zabel, - Bertha Zabel - b. 27 Dec 1844 in Germany. She was the dau. of Adolph and Albertina Kleinschmidt she came to the US 62 years prior to her death. On 10 Nov 1866 she m. Fred Zabel who d. six years previous to her death. She d 1 July 1930.
Zabel - Anna Freida Zabel - age 78 yrs obit appeared 20 April 1966.

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