Pine Lake Cemetery

Center Township
La Porte County, Indiana

1367 Pine Lake Road, City of LaPorte

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Chapel in Pine Lake
 Pine Lake Cemetery Sign Cremain Holder
Over view and Cremation Holder
in right of picture

Pine Lake Cemetery: Phone 219-362-2017 - - - -  Office Hours are: 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. M-F and 9:00 a.m. to noon on Saturday.

Brief history: This cemetery was started in August 1856 when the "Old City Cemetery" became too small. Pine Lake Cemetery Association
dates back to 1858 when the first known burial took place. The Old City Cemetery, on the West edge of town, closed for the most part in the 1870's,
after both Pine Lake and Patton Cemetery had been established. A newspaper article dated 23 March 1893, provided a list of names of those still
buried in the Old City Cemetery.   It offered relatives a chance to relocate their deceased loved ones to the cemetery of their choice. Those that weren't claimed were
moved in 1893 and are now buried in a mass grave in  Pine Lake Cemetery. When the remains of those buried in the old cemetery were removed to
Pine Lake Cemetery, 499 bodies and many tombstones could not be identified.

Thank you to all who gave of their time and talent to accumulate these listings, studies and photographs.
Please keep in mind that this is an expansive cemetery.
Although we do not have all the burials, we strongly feel that we have a large representation of family surnames of those laid to rest here.
March 2015 - In the last several months I studied and combined many of the previous listings done and placed them in alphabetical order. 

Sources used:

  1. March 1898 - August 1930 burials - (Abstracted by Mrs. Fern Eddy Schultz La Porte County (IN) Historian - researched in 1995)
  2. Partial Listing of  from Burial Permits over the last several decades. (1960's to 2014)
  3. Researched older and newer burials from obituaries and donated family files.
  4. Researched and Photographed areas: mostly older areas: contributed and listed on site.
  5. Stone Photos taken at cemetery and available from various sources on line.
  6. Obituaries noting Pine Lake as their final resting place.
  7. Social Security Death Index
  8. Indiana  Deaths 1882 to 1920
  9. Illinois Deaths and Stillbirth Index 1916-1947 & Cook County, Illinois Deaths and Burials 1878 to 1922
10. U.S. Headstone Applications for Military Veterans 1925 to 1963
11. La Porte County Veteran files for Pine Lake..
12. Obituary info from our Obit index showing 1910, 1920 and late 1960's to 1990's

Alphabetical Listing
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Ab to AmAn to AzBaBeBe to BlBo
BrBu to BzCaCeChCi to Cl
CoCr to CzDaDeDi to DmDo
Dr to DzEFa to FeFiFl to FyGa to Ge
Gi to GlGn to GzHaa to HamHan to HarHas to HazHe
HiHo Hu to Hy IJa to JiJo to Ju
KaKeKi to KjKlKm to KoKr to Kw
LaLeLi to LlLoLu to Ly
Maa to ManMap to MazMcMeMi to MlMo to Mr
Mu to MyNOPaPePh to Pi
Pl to PoPr to PyQRa ReRh to Ri
RoRu to RzSa to SbSca to SchSco to ScrSe
ShSi to SkSl to SnSo to SpStSu to Sz
Ta to ThTi to ToTr to TyUV
WaWeWhWiWoWr to Wy

Researched Areas & Random Photographed Areas from various sources
Contributed between 2004 to 2012

CBA Area - Donated Reading Pine Lake Cemetery Map La Porte County Obituaries
Old North Woods Burials - Donated Reading Donated Burials from researchers Old City Cemetery
burials moved to Pine Lake
Cemetery Photos by;
Amanda Humphrey
Cemetery Photos by:
Teresa O'Riley & Deanna West

& Cindy Hester - 2012
Cemetery Art by:
Teresa O'Riley

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