Sharp Cemetery / Miller Wolf Cemetery

Coolspring Township
La Porte County, Indiana

Located in NE 1/4, Sec. 22, Township 37N, Range 4W

Access between 2505 and 2533 Dianne Drive

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Read Aug. 2000 / Apr. 2003, by Patricia Gruse Harris and her husband Bill Harris. Stones were repaired and cleaned on the weekend of March 4, 2003 and again in late April, 2003 by Mark Davis. Many of the inscriptions that were not visible before, can now be read. Pat submitted the following reading for the web site.
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Photos taken by Russ Hapke.

Row #1

#1 Thomas SHARP
Pvt 1 Rifle Regt Ky Vols War of 1812 August 24 1789 September 13 1838
(War of 1812 Veteran)

Row #2

#2 Andrew J JACOBUS
CO I & G 87 Regt Ind Inf 1843 - 1864
(Civil War Veteran)

#3 James H. D. Son of I. & R. B. JACOBUS
Died Nov. 28, 1870 Ag’d 21 Y’s 2 m’s. 23 d’s

Andrew (?) Son of I. & R. B. JACOBUS
Died Feb. 21, 1864 Ag’d 21 Y’s & 10 d’s
"Be ___ ___ ___ in an hour that
___ ___ ___ ___ ___"

Footstone: See #3B

#4 Isaac JACOBUS
Died Feb. 16, 1856 In his 41 year
"Asleep to earth my home is in heaven"

Footstone: see #4B

#5 Our Mother Rachel Wife of Isaac JACOBUS
Died Apr. 10, 1876 Age 60 Y’rs 2 d’s.
"Farewell dear Mother a long farewell
Your sorrow and suffering are o’er
May each of us live that will join you at last
On the beautiful heavenly shore"

Footstone: see #5B

#6 Garret JACOBUS
Died June 28, 1857 AE. 37 Y’s 2 Mo. 13 D’s
(epitaph illegible)

Footstone: See #6B

Row #3

#7 4 sided obelisk

West Side: Abigail wife of J. R. DOUD
died Oct. 10, 1855. Aged 50 Y’s

North Side: Helen M. ATWELL

Died Jan. 9, 1867 Aged 36 Y’

South Side: John R. DOUD
Died Mar. 15, 1855 Aged 47 Y’s

East Side: no inscription

#3B Footstone: no inscription
#4B Footstone: no inscription
#5B Footstone: no inscription
#8 Footstone: A. J. J.
#6B Footstone: no inscription

Row #4

#9 Ann Maria wife of George BROUGH
Died Oct. 29, 1848 AE. 60 Yrs.

Footstone: See #9B

#10 George BROUGH
Died Jan. 7, 1845 AE. 56 Y’s

Footstone: See #10B

Row #5

#9B Footstone: A.M.B.

#10B Footstone: G. B.

Row #6

#11 Eliphalet PATEE
Died Dec. 12, 1851. AE 79 Yrs.
(War of 1812 Veteran)

#12 Maria Wife of Eliphalet PATEE
Died Apr. 19, 1844 AE. ?
(52 or 65 yrs. from earlier readings, line lost in stone resetting)


Earlier readings listed the following stones not found in Aug. 2000

Patience wife of Garrett JACOBUS
1832 -

Angeline daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth SHARP
Dec. 14, 1831 - Mar. 19, 1843

End of Newest Reading

Old Burial Listing

 Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Additional Comments
Atwell Helen M.   Jan 9, 1867 age 36 yrs. Other source- probably Doud dau.
Brough George 1789 Jan 4, 1845 age 56 yrs
Brough Ann Maria   Oct 29, 1848 Age 60 yrs - wife George
Doud John R.   Mar 15, 1855 age 47 yrs
Doud Abigail Oct 10, 1855 age 50 yrs
Jacobus Isaac   Feb 16, 1856 age 45 years
Jacobus Rachel Carter 1817 Apr 10, 1876 age 60 yrs 2 da - wife Isaac - other source d. 1866 52 yrs old
Jacobus Garrett   June 28, 1857 age 37 yrs 2 mo 13 da.
Jacobus Patience   1832 wife Garrett - stone broken
Jacobus Andrew J. 1843 Feb 21, 1864 age 21 yrs 10 da Pvt. Army Co. G. 87th Regiment Civil War - Flagholder
Jacobus James H. D.   Nov 28, 1870 age 21 yrs 2 mo 23 da -son Isaac & Rachel
Pattee Eliphalet Aug 30, 1775 Dec 12, 1854 age 79 yrs Age does not match other source for DOB. Major - Army - War of 1812 -Flagholder
Pattee Maria Wood   Apr 10, 1844 1841 ? age 52 -one reading shows age 65 yrs. difference in reading stone.
Sharp Thomas Aug 24, 1789 Sept 12, 1838 b. Kentucky - A soldier of War of 1812
Sharp Angeline Dec 14, 1831 Mar 19, 1843 dau. Thomas & Elizabeth

Interviews and Notes given to Deanna West for entry:

Ref: Cemeteries of La Porte County, Indiana

Mr. Thomas Sharp was the original owner of the land where the Sharp Cemetery now sits. In the early 1800's Mr. Sharp donated the land for this cemetery as a burial place for his family and neighbors. The area donated measured 388 feet by 125 feet.

Rachel Carter Jacobus, wife of Isaac, was a pioneer school teacher in the County. She taught the first school in New Durham Township and the first day of school commenced on New Years Day, 1833. The school was located in Section 22 of New Durham township on Mr. William Eahart's farm. She married Mr. Isaac Jacobus on Nov. 17, 1836 and lived on the farm in Coolspring Township until her death in 1876.

The cemetery was abandoned for burials some time after 1880.

Sharp Cemetery was evidently also named Miller Wolf Farm Cemetery at one time. In interviewing Marian Miller and James Miller, descendents of Fred W. Miller, who owned the Miller farm and also their knowledge of Mrs. Caroline Wolf and her son William Wolf, the following was stated. Even though the cemetery was known by the residents of the area to be Miller-Wolfe Farm Cemetery, there are no Miller or Wolf family members buried there. Fred W. Miller and most of his family and descendents are buried in Pinhook Cemetery, La Porte County and in Greenwood Cemetery in Michigan City, Indiana. In 1895 the cemetery was positioned mainly on the Wolf farm property with the 388 feet of length running North and South along the fence line of the Wolf and Miller properties. (See Map below)

The old Wolf farmhouse still stands facing Wozniak Road, between Cynthia Drive and Diane Drive.

At one time there was a road (wagon path) that came in a North West direction crossing Wozniak Road. The path crossed between what is now known as 275N and where the grape arbors on Jim Miller's land sits today. This wagon path went by the cemetery positioned on the top of a small rise. Once past the cemetery it angled sharply in a South West direction toward what is now known as Shebel Road. However, as lands were divided and sold, this path was eliminated. The county roads including Wozniak running North /South along with 275 N and 200 N East/West Roads were the main route of transportation for those living in this rural neighborhood. Much of the Fred W. Miller land has remained in the family through the generations.

After William Wolf's death, between 1945 and 1950, a Mr. Gambraro and Walter Brellis purchased the Wolf property from the inheritors of the Wolf farm. Mr. Gambraro maintained a business in Chicago, while Mr. Brellis farmed the land.

In the 1960's the county erected a simple sign for the cemetery and placed a fence and gate around a portion of the cemetery where the stones were still visible. (See picture above) In the late 1960's Mr. Chuck Bartel purchased a large portion of the old Wolf Farm. In the mid 1970's Mr. Bartel divided it into the subdivision known as Orchard Estates. The cemetery now sits on private land off of Wozniak Road on Diane Drive in Orchard Estates.

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Proof Read by Russell A. Hapke, MA, archaeologist

Disclaimer: Below is an older cemetery listing was done by a volunteer group who went out and recorded the location of plots and individuals buried there. Notes added under "Additional Comments" column contain both personal notes added by transcriber at cemetery site and some tombstone readings. It is this writers opinion that there are other unmarked graves within this cemetery.

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