St. Mary's Catholic Church
& Cemetery of Otis Indiana

History and Comments

Otis, LaPorte County, Indiana

New Durham Township

This site update on August 8, 2012

Our thanks to Richard Blissmer for redoing the maps of St. Mary's at Otis. Please view pages as shown in the table below to view all 4 sections in St. Mary's Cemetery.
This should help those searching to find location of various burials.

In the early summer of 2003 I had the opportunity to examine this small little parish cemetery and pay homage to the graves of those that helped this small community grow.
As I stood there reflecting on the lives of these individuals and how hard they must have worked to contribute to their church and community, wonderful choir music came from
the church located in front of the cemetery. As a tribute to these families, I photographed many of the stones that can be seen by going to the photo album linked to this page.
And as with all the cemeteries of La Porte County, we are trying to accrue as much information about these ancestors buried in St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery
and burial locations of those not previously noted in listings.

Your help is needed. If you know of additional burials that aren't shown on our listings, attached to this site, please contact us.
Because of the fire of 1917, which destroyed the church and rectory, death and burial recprds were lost up to that point. Many of the old stones have weathered away
and wooden crosses have fallen victim to vandalism and the ravages of time. The sadness of this is that unless a grave is marked we don't know who some of the families
buried in the cemetery are. In the next few months we will be adding additional information on the history of St. Mary's and also burials as those wishing to respond; share
their family information with us. So I implore you, help us provide information for those through out the US that may be seeking their heritage.

History of Otis:
From Packard's History of LaPorte Co., In 1876 p. 80 - Ralph Loomis was listed as an early settler coming to New Durham Twp., in which Otis is located, in 1834.
The naming of the town of Otis is explained on pp. 76-77: Settlement of the town commenced in 1851. No plat was recorded until 1870 when Solomon Tucker filed
the plat and called the town "LaCroix". However, it was first known as "Salem Crossing" the name given it by the Michigan Southern Railroad (two railroads crossed here).
When the postoffice was established here the name of "Salem Crossing" was also adopted by the postal dept. However, the other railroad, the Louisville, New Albany
& Chicago Railraod called it "LaCroix", the name the proprietor Solomon Tucker gave it. The inhabitants decided to settle the confusion by giving it a third name suggesting
the name of our representative in Congress, Packard. For a time it was known as "Packard." In 1872 Cong. Packard recommended the name be changed to "Otis",
the name it is still known by.

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