Union Mills Cemetery

Noble Township
800S between Long Lane & 400W
LaPorte County, Indiana

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Site updated August 25, 2012  - Thank you to Robert Ponda Sr. who helped me with updating this site with the newer burials and sent us these great photos to honor our loved ones Memorial Day weekend 2012.

History : Union Mills Cemetery location - Twp 35 N R3-W and in Section 9 of Noble Township. This cemetery was established in 1838. Some of the oldest known burials located are: John Ripple died 10 July 1836 at age 39 yrs, Carlton R. Mills died 1 Sept. 1835 age 1 mo. 15 day who was the son of Ed & N. A. Mills and also Sarah Byrant who's dates show 18 Nov 1839 to 29 Jan 1841, the daughter of Benjamin and Alfa (Benedict) Bryant.

Oldest Section - Several years back, the Pioneer Cemetery Commission met with the sexton at Union Mills. Notes and listings were compared and the old DAR listing incorporated the known burials of the day for an updated list. The original rows were observed and listings up to the 1980's incorporated into what appears on this site as "Old Time Burials".  Being Genealogy based, older burials and evidence there of  is always our largest concern in the Research and Cemetery Association of La Porte County.  However as a courtesy to those in the area and living out of town, we have placed the newer 1st and 2nd Addition listings on line.

1st Addition - In trying to determine when the 1st addition was puchased, it probaby was close to around 1887, when the first grave can be found in that area. Also in calculating this approximate date, we refer to the property of L & J. Deets who in the 1870's owned 131 acres in section 9 where the cemetery is located. And by 1892 their property has shrunk to 108.8 acres. Also, Mr. George W Zinn, who lived in section 30 of the same township, had his son's body shipped home from a Union POW camp, at which he had died. With sentiment riding high, the people did not want his son , also named George W. Zinn, interred within the cemetery grounds. So Mr. Zinn first buried him in the dooryard at his homestead. Later he purchased a small plot of ground adjoining the cemetery where he would bury his deceased family members and move his son remains to. You can still see the demarkation in the cemetery with the stepping stones placed around the Zinn burial plot. Eventually when the cemetery was added on to, this plot became a portion of the cemetery.

Fritz A Stuck, Sexton for Union Mills Cemetery Born 1 Apr 1842 and killed 17 Jan 1910. Ref: Indianapolis Star, January 18, 1910 - Speaks of Mr. Stuck, who was the Sexton for the Union Mills Cemetery. On his way home after working at the cemetery, he was struck and killed by the Piere Marquette train on January 17, 1910. Mr. Stuck was born in Germany and had immigrated in about 1883. He left a widow and one son behind.

Fire! The same story is told through out the county and in many other counties and states. The problem with the wood buildings, was they dry out and become a tinderbox and accidental fires occur. This has happened with some of the other cemetery records in our county and unfortunately, several decades ago, this was the fate of Union Mills Cemetery records. The present keepers of the records and Sexton have done their best to list the known older burials and of course keep an accurate burial listing and location of same, of the 20th and 21st century. We are hoping that families with burial information, i.e. old bibles etc., will let us know if they have family burials here, if not already on our listing.

Some of the family names of older burials in this cemetery are: Allison, Aker, Anderson, Andrews, Ash, Backus, Bailey, Baker, Beahm, Bellmore, Bennett, Berridge, Billington, Bishop, Block, Blodget, Booth, Bose, Bowes, Brandy, Brough, Brown, Bryant, Burch, Callison, Campbell, Canfield, Carroll, Case, Chambers, Clark, Crance, Croup, Dahll, Davis, Decker, Deets, Denison, Dunham, Dunn, Eaton, Edmison, Eliott, Ellis, English, Ewing, Fenner, Fessenden, Fox, Fredrickson, Garman, Garton, Geisler, Glassman, Goff, Goldsmith, Gotwalt, Graw, Grover, Gruver, Hall, Harding, Harsen, Hart, Harvey, Havlin, Hawkins, Hockney, Hoffman, Hotchkiss, Houseman, Howell, Hyatt, Hyde, Ireland, Keith, Kelley, Kimmel, Knight, Koontz, Lawrence, Lawson, Learn, Lewis, Linard, Lindsey, Lock, Logan, Looker, Loomis, Lybarger, Mandeville, Markham, Martin, McLane, Mc Clung, McPherson, Mecum, Merriam, Miller, Mitchell, Mock, Moore, Moulton, Mulloy, Mun, Myers, Nickell, Noland, Northam, Norton, O'Donnel, O'Hara, Palmer, Pash, Patrick, Patrie, Petsch, Petty , Pike, Powell, Pratt, Ragle, Rambo, Rank, Reich, Richardson, Richman, Ripple, Robbins, Robinson, Rogers, Ruple, Russell , Scarborough, Selby, Sellers, Shaw, Simpson, Spaeth, Spaulding, Starrett, Steinberger, Stephenson, Stevenson, Swett, Swift, Taylor, Terrey, Terry, Tilbury, Titus, Toyne, Truax, Turner, Underwood, Unger, Wakeman, Way, Wells, Wendt, West, Wheaton, Williams, Willis, Wilson, Windle, Wooley, Worden, Wynant, Zarr, Ziegler, Zigler.

2nd Addition - Not sure when the second addtion was purchased or came into being. If we go by the oldest date of a stone, I found one as early as 1942.

IMPORTANT NOTE:The first group shown is older listings, done in row order. -
Would be happy to hear from those of you who have information on the "Old time" burials within this cemetery.
Contact us at laportecountyin@yahoo.com

Old Time Burials - no map drawn - Note Google Map below
Rows 1 to 9 West Side
(Old Section) Reading starts at Fence Line & W800 South - Front portion of Cemetery
Rows 10 to 15 West side
(Old Section Continued) - Front Portion of Cemetery
Start Middle West Rows - Row 1
(Old Section) Starts at West Dr to East Dr. - Front Portion of Cemetery
Newer Burials Found in 1st and 2nd Additions
Start Middle East Rows - Row 1 - Also see
(Part of 1st Addtion - newer 1st Addition 1isting)
Start Middle East Rows 9 to 17 - Also see
(Part of 1st Addtion - newer 1st Addition 1isting)
East Side Rows 1 to 3 - Also see
(Part of 2nd Addtion - newer 2nd addition Listing
Supplement Page

2012 - Newer Sections from Sexton Records
(1st Addition) & Newest Addition (2nd Addition)
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1st Addition 1st Addition 1st Addition 1st Addition 1st Addition
1 - 5 6 - 11 12 - 16 17-21 22 - 27
28 - 32 33 - 37 38 - 43 44 - 48 49 - 53
54 - 59 60 - 64 65 - 69 70 - 75 76 - 80
81 - 86 87 - 92 93 - 97 98 - 103 104 - 109
110 - 115W 115E - 120 121 - 126 127 - 131 132 - 137
138 - 143 144 - 149 150 - 155 156 - 161 162 - 166
167 - 172 173 - 178E 178W - 183 184 - 189 190 - 195
196 - 201 202 - 207 208 - 212 213 - 215 end 1st Add.

2nd Addition
Blocks, Lots & Graves
Newer burials
Listing current up to
February 2012
~~ ~~
1 2 3 4 5
6 NONE 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 NONE 15
16 NONE 17
18 19 20
21 22 23 24 25
26 27 NONE 28 29 30
31 32 33 NONE 34 NONE 35
36 NONE 37 NONE 38 39 40
41 42 - - -

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(1st Addition forms an L around the older section and the 2nd addition runs along side the first addition
note labels on map)
Google Map of Union Mills Cemetery
Union Mills Cemetery Map

Original Maps below Created by: Robert Ponda Sr. and Illustrated by: Richard Blissmer

1st Addition Map 2nd Addition Map
1st Addition Map 2nd Addition map

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