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July 1, 2014

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Current Projects Completed

Note's from Deanna Branson West's desk.

Oak Grove Cemetery - Dewey Township.
Alvin Zahn sent us additional information on some of his relatives buried there and we added it to that cemetery listing.

Oak Grove Cemetery Wills Twp Inc.
Carolyn Hunt did  2 great maps of the Older Section  and Golda Fuller Section which
I translated over to html and are now on line for viewers . Also restructured their home page which shows both alphabetical index and Index by sections.

The following Veteran Burial Listings were added to and updated in June, 2014
Oak Grove Wills twp
Sauktown Wills, Twp
Bits and pieces
of county and additional cemetery burials, through out the county, were added in the last few months.

Updated our Cemetery Volunteer Listing which can be viewed here:
Cemetery Volunteers

                                             Projects In Progress

This month we are compiling and redoing burial listings and adding a  map for Sauktown Cemetery.

We are in the process of  enhancing and updating  our Carmel Cemetery burials and maps. .

Additional - Abandoned/Destroyed Cemeteries of La Porte Co
being studied and information being accumulated at this time.

Phase III for Patton Cemetery continues with Sharon Snow examining the stones and conferring with the cemetery sextons.

News from Yesteryear

A tribute to James E. Landing Ph. D. Is posted on the page with:
Disappearing Towns And Villages of Yester-year

"Mission Statement, Achievements and Goals"

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Deanna West at

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Obituary Request
Look Up Fees

We have people willing to do obituary look ups. Initial fee is $5.00 for fuel cost and 1.00 for each obit look up and email to the requester. Obits will be looked up and an email sent with the content of what was in obituary.
If hard copy is desired of original newspaper article, then please include going rate for postage at time of look up.

   Calendar Of Events

The Cemetery & Research Association of LaPorte
Our 2014 Bi-Monthly Meeting Schedule is:

Monday, August 11, 2014
Monday, October 13, 2014
Monday, December 8, 2014

Location - Home of LaPorte County Genweb Coordinator, Deanna West, 8074 W 200 North. LaPorte County Genweb  Meeting starts at 1:00 P.M. sharp. Our meetings are held every other month on the 2nd Monday of the month listed. Anyone interested in attending, please let me know at laportecountyin@yahoo.com

LaPorte County Genealogical Society Calendar:

Previous Updates -
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See our Publications Page.

. Patton Cemetery - Phase II of III phases is now complete.  We are working on improving and adding to the burial listing. Spelling and location corrections were made.We increased our old listing from 8,300 to 9,800 burials. A general map of the cemetery, along with individual numbered burial plot maps for each section and garden now on line.  Please take a moment to go through the site and note the updates and information we have uncovered during our research of Patton.  Also, note the two newer areas shown on the general map as being Brady Section and The Garden of Gethsemane. Sharon Snow is our volunteer historian/liaison for this cemetery.
Phase III - Work continues on expanding this site as Sharon will tackle each individual area with some photographing, adding discovered stones  and double checking grave location against our existing listings.
Patton Cemetery Home Page

In March we added to our history data with some of the old time hotels of Michigan City and the people that built and/or operated them. Check it out at
Michigan City Hotels

NOTICE -  Sorry, we are no longer taking links to private family and personal pages that are off site. We are continuing to place family histories on this site, but there has been a reoccurring problem when connecting to private family pages. For what ever reason, researchers discontinue their sites and that leaves us with a whole bunch of broken links and us having to make adjustments to this site. It is very time consuming when updating the pages to remove the surnames that go to "broken links".

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On-Line Cemetery
Transcribing Disclaimer

"Cemetery & Research Association of La Porte County News" disclaimer for cemetery readings:
"This website was developed and is sustained by volunteers who donate their time and personal resources for the purpose of providing valuable research information to fellow researchers. We are dedicated to providing free access to La Porte County cemetery listings. If you have documentation of a burial which does not appear on the cemetery list, we are pleased to receive that information from you."

Please keep in mind that some of the cemetery listings that are being placed on the WWW were done more than 30 or 40 years ago.
Every cemetery that you view through your genealogical research should be considered a "Partial" listing for various reasons, such as errors in spelling occurring at the time of burial., some burial locations were known only to the cemetery sexton and information was lost when he moved, resigned or died. And many written logs were destroyed by accidental fires.
We are not responsible for errors, misspellings or incorrect information. Every attempt to correct misinformation is entered onto our listing(s) upon being notified of a burial with source and/or family history.

1. Readings done by the D.A.R. Ind. Miriam Benedict Chapter of LaPorte County, Indiana.
2. Older LaPorte County Pioneer Cemetery Readings
3. Current readings
4. Individuals who have donated obituaries, family histories and burial locations.
5. Obituary
6. Church records
7. Cemetery burial records; handwritten, typed or computerized  

Donating Information & Photos

Obituaries, Family & Tombstone Photos
On-going request  (Photos and Obits must pre-date 1950)

We always welcome family information on the ancestors of La Porte County. Donated information will always remain free to our viewers.

We are also looking for old school graduating classes before 1950. Can you help? Have something in the attic?

Among items being collected are: Pre 1950 - burial records, obituaries, newspaper clippings, cemetery information, ancestor' stories, diaries, photos, old family bible information, School info & photos along with early marriages.

Family Histories & Biographies
Please - No ged coms from family tree maker or any other genealogy based programs. Please submit family information either in biographical or story form. I and other volunteers have done quite a few of the ged com revisions and it really takes a lot of time to alter and remove the repeated information within.

Tombstone Photo Request Fees

1. All photos already on site are free and may be printed for family files you are researching. However they may not be used on another commercial or nationally based site without the implicit permission of The LaPorte County Cemetery & Research Association
2. Fees for going out and photographing stones in a cemetery start at $5.00 to cover gas fees due to the increasing cost of fuel. Each photo taken will be $1.00 for each stone photographed. Digital photos will be taken and emailed to requester. If hard copy is desired, then please add $1.00 for paper and postage. Additional postage will be charged only if several hard copies are requested and postage increases due to weight of package.
3. You must know where the deceased is buried at or a general location before we can fulfill your request. Please, do not ask our researchers to hunt for a stone.

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